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  • Orgeval
  • 16 Jun. 202417 Jun. 2024
    16 Jun.17 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Orgeval, 1 hotel

Find your accommodation amongst our affordable hotels in Orgeval: we offer facilities suited to your needs, at a low price. WiFi access, rooms equipped with flat-screen TVs, breakfast for 6€, and more. Discover our hotel in Orgeval, a small town located to the west of Paris, near the Marly State Forest in Marly le Roi.

Book your stay in Orgeval

Located in Ile-de-France, in the Yvelines, Orgeval is located around forty kilometres to the west of Paris. Of Celtic origin, the name Orgeval means “edge of the valley”. This town offers an ideal place to stay to visit the capital and explore the region. Don’t delay—book your accommodation in Orgeval today!

Where to sleep in Orgeval

Book your hotel room in Orgeval online and enjoy a perfect location, close to points of interest and the main roadways, for even greater comfort! Savor your stay in Orgeval to discover the region and a few of its gems, such as the Villa Savoyedesigned by Le Corbusier.

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The B&B Hotel Orgeval offers a wide selection of rooms, to suit every need. Our comfortable, well-equipped rooms are soundproofed, ensuring you will have a calm, peaceful night’s sleep. Free, unlimited WiFi, flat-screen televisions, a delicious breakfast: discover hospitality the B&B way! Book your room quickly and easily online for your affordable hotel in Orgeval.

Visit and explore Orgeval

Inhabited since prehistoric times, Orgeval is mentioned for the first time in the year 1020, in a royal charter. In the 13th century, the town prospered and built up around the Moutier, one of the hamlets that are now part of the town. The abbey of Abbécourt was founded here in 1180. In the 14th century, the town was strongly affected by the Hundred Years’ War: the abbey and the chateaux were decimated. Orgeval saw major population growth through the 17th and & 18th centuries: the mineral source of Abbécourt became a spa, and Louis XV had the King’s Highway built. In the 20th century, Orgeval was transformed and went from an agricultural town to a city on the edge of the Parisian metropolitan area. It also consolidated its economic growth around fruit-tree cultivation. In terms of urban planning, the city centre is built around the square of the Church of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul.

Are you looking for ideas for walks? Head for the park of the Château de La Brunetterie and its 5 hectares, for a lovely stroll. The ponds of Abbécourt, inhabited by ducks and carp, are also perfect for relaxation.

During your stay in Orgeval, you can admire the beautiful Romanesque-style church, with its typical belfry. You’ll also not want to miss La Brunetterie, a Napoleon III-style building that dominates the surrounding landscape. Amongst the town’s essential monuments are the Church of Saint-Pierre-Saint-Paul, the Chapelle Saint-Jean, the Villa Chartier, typical of the “Normandy seaside” style, and the ruins of the abbey of Notre-Dame d'Abbécourt.

Concerts, shows, events... Numerous events are held throughout the year in Orgeval. Amongst the highlights that simply shouldn’t be missed, the Fête de la Saint-Jean, the occasion for great festivities.