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  • 05/12/202206/12/2022
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B&B Hôtel in Laval, 1 hotel

Looking for an affordable hotel in Laval, in the département of Mayenne (Pays de la Loire)? Located between Le Mans and Rennes, the city has a lot going for it. One of the major drivers of the economy in western France, the city is known for its rich architectural heritage. The B&B Hotel in Laval is ideal for anyone wanting to visit Laval, or stay there on business. Get low rates for a stay at the B&B Hotel in Laval, and enjoy unlimited Wi-Fi.

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Built around a rocky promontory along the banks of the Mayenne river, Laval is the perfect destination for a relaxing family weekend away. Between Normandy and Anjou, the city preserves a rich heritage that you can discover in the course of your walks. In a perfect location, near the city centre, your hotel in Laval is a stone’s throw from the railway station and IUT.

Which hotel to choose in Laval?

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Our best hotel in Laval

Our B&B Hotel Laval is easy to get to, and offers quiet, comfortable rooms with free unlimited Wi-Fi. With comfy bedding, a hearty breakfast, a flat-screen TV with a wide range of channels...

The B&B Hotel in Laval is located right in the Technopolis business park, where you’ll find lots of shops and restaurants. The hotel is also perfect for students needing temporary accommodation close to the Laval I.U.T. or the Estaca (an engineering school located north of Laval).

Your stay in Laval

Laval’s strategic position near the borders with Brittany and Anjou led to its being a significant fortified city in the Middle Ages. From the 14th century onwards the textile industry grew, spearheaded by the Counts of Laval. This industry remained until the 20th century. Shaped by an old Roman road, the city grew up around its old centre dating back to the Middle Ages.

You can travel back in time with the Promenade d'Anne d'Allègre, which follows the path of the old moat, and check out the Gallo-Roman baths. Feel like getting some fresh air? Both a botanic garden and a children’s play area, the Jardin de la Perrine is perfect for a family walking tour. During your stay you could also go on a boat ride, or go andexplore the Pays de Laval on foot, horseback or by bike.

Visiting Laval

The Château, which overlooks the old town, is one of the major tourist attractions in Laval. The estate is comprised of the Vieux Château and the Château-Neuf. You can also admire the beauty of the city wall ruins dating back to the 13th century, fine mansions in the medieval quarter, the Cathédrale de la Sainte-Trinité, a masterpiece of Anjou Gothic architecture... The particularly well-preserved Thermes gallo-romains d'Entrammes are also well worth a visit.

Lots of events take place throughout the year in Laval. Les Reflets du Cinéma, a festival dedicated to foreign films, and the Festival du Premier roman take place in March. The city puts the spotlight on innovation and new technology at Laval Virtual, which takes place in March or April. In May, Les 3 Eléphants is all about music and street performances. Towards the end of the year, the Les Lumières de Laval event transforms the city with an enchanting show.

Take advantage of low rates and stay at the B&B Hotel in Laval!