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  • Orléans
  • 19 May 202420 May 2024
    19 May20 May
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B&B HOTELS in Orléans, 3 hotels

Are you heading off on a touristic or business trip to Orléans? Stay in our affordable hotel in Orléans. This historical city is the main town in the Centre region and in the department of the Loiret. Explore all the history contained in Orléans, particularly its liberation by Joan of Arc in 1429 and the city’s bombardment during the Second World War. Many monuments await your discovery in Orléans and its surrounding area.

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Nestled in the southern crook of the Loire, the capital of the Centre region hosts an exceptional array of heritage sites. Inseparable from the epic of Joan of Arc, Orléans played a key role in the history of France. Don’t wait, book your stay in Orléans today!

Which hotel to choose in Orléans

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For your stay in Orléans, book into one of our B&B HOTELS! Ideally located, our B&B HOTEL Orléans welcomes you a stone’s throw from must-see monuments. Carefully soundproofed to ensure you a calm night’s rest, rooms are equipped with a free, unlimited Wi-Fi connection and a flat-screen television. It all promises a totally relaxing stay!

You can also discover our new hotel located to the west of town: stay in our B&B HOTEL Orléans Saint-Jean-de-Braye.

To the north of the city in Saran, our B&B HOTEL Orléans Saran offers you all the comfort and services you need for an excellent stay. Our hotel is just a few minutes from the Cap Saran shopping centre and close to the A10 motorway, an ideal location for professionals visiting the region.

To visit the city, book into our hotels located near the town centre of Orléans and its main rail station. And if you’re arriving by plane, we’re only 35 minutes from the Orléans airport. Our hotels offer you all the creature comforts, with a private car park, private bathroom, high-quality bedding, and an excellent, unlimited breakfast buffet, all at a low price! Relax and enjoy the warm ambiance of this town from within the world of B&B HOTELS.

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The top activities for your stay

Founded to the north of the turn in the Loire, Cenabum took advantage of its strategic position on the road to Lutetia to grow and prosper. Renamed Aurelianum by Emperor Aurelius in the 2nd century, the town was hit hard by the Barbarian invasions. The conquest of this region by the Franks was completed in 486. Attached to the kingdom of France in 732, Orléans became its capital: many kings were crowned here. An intellectual centre (its University specialized in Roman law), Orléans was devastated by the Hundred Years’ War. On 8 May 1429, Joan of Arc liberated the town, which then prospered with the growth in agriculture. During Louis XIV’s time, the duchy of Orléans was the largest in all of France: it reached from Arpajon to Blois. After a relative decline during the Revolution and the Napoleonic era, the city took advantage of the course of the Paris-Orléans rail line, starting in 1852. Bombarded during the Second World War, Orléans underwent a vast reconstruction.

Exploring Orléans by foot

Feel like getting some fresh air? In addition to a walk along the banks of the Loire, you can admire the diverse local flora and fauna in the national nature reserve of Saint-Mesmin, spend an afternoon at the leisure park of the Ile Charlemagne, or in the Parc Floral de la Source... Discover the many places for taking a stroll in the tranquil beauty of the Orléans landscape.

Orléans hosts an exceptional array of heritage sites. During your stay, you can admire the Cathedral of St Croix (its Gothic façade was rebuilt in the 18th century), the Campo Santo, the Georges V Bridge, the Hôtel Groslot (a “troubadour” Gothic-style building), the Hôtel des Créneaux, adorned with flowerets and bartizans, the recreated House of Joan of Arc, the Crypt of St Aignan, and more. You can also visit the Musée des Beaux-Arts, which hosts interesting collections of Italian, Flemish, and Dutch paintings, as well as magnificent etchings.

The schedule of events in Orléans is punctuated with numerous happenings: in June, Orléans'Jazz hits the streets, with free concerts in the city centre. In the summer, an eclectic programme of events is planned. In August, it’s time for Ciné Jardins, a chance to enjoy open-air cinema. The International Orléans Rose Competition is THE main event for lovers of horticulture. Created in 1959, this even takes place in September, as does the Festival de Loire, which takes place biennially. But it is undoubtedly the Fêtes de Jeanne d'Arc, held between late April and early May, that are the true highlight of the Orléans calendar!