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The B&B HOTELS World in France

Discover the world of the brand and the services B&B HOTELS

We always have a room ready for you. Whether you’re travelling alone, as a couple, or with friends and family (up to four guests), B&B Hotels suits your needs! Our colourful, contemporary rooms are well sound-proofed and often air-conditioned. For optimal comfort, you can sleep in a big, soft bed: snuggle under a soft quilt, rest your head on pillows designed especially for B&B Hotels, and feel free to stretch out on our quality mattress. You are guaranteed a good night’s sleep. Stay connected with our unlimited free WiFi, meaning you can get online and stay in touch wherever you are! Spend the rest of the night relaxing in front of a film on your room’s flat screen TV. The only question is: who gets the remote!? 

Inseparable from your pets? They can stay with you for €6/night. 

Start the day with an invigorating shower!

All of our rooms come with a private bathroom with its own shower cubicle or bath-shower with an XXL shower head, toilets, towels, and a bath mat.

You won’t want to skip breakfast at B&B Hotels

It's hard to resist the siren call... of the full breakfast buffet that unscrupulously attacks your five senses. The baguettes and cereal breads from the baker next door crunch in your ears. The smell of traditional fresh croissants and pains au chocolat teases your nostrils. The beautiful colour of the Georgelin fruit preparations catches your eye. The softness of the Pasquier brioches and the crunchiness of the Pasquier Grillétines make you want to bite into them. As for the drinks, orange juice, apple juice, tea, coffee and chocolate, they tickle your taste buds. Not to mention the Le Gall butter, compotes with real pieces of fruit, Lucien Georgelin spread, Carabreizh salted butter caramel, fresh cheese yoghurts on a bed of fruit and Malo fromage blanc... All for only €8.50. It's never too much when it's too good!

Mini-price for the little ogres: your children, up to and including 10 years old, can eat like grown-ups! For only 4€, they have access to the same products!

Some hotels are cheap, but not chic. Ours are economical and chic, or as we call them, “Éconochics®”! Enter the world of B&B Hotels...

Éconochic®: more than just a word. It is our way of bringing you the utmost well-being at the best price. Too good to be true? You just have to try it to find out! With over 300 hotels in France you are never far from a B&B Hotel, wherever you want to stay. How do we know that you will love our hotels? Because we bring you well designed, welcoming rooms, private, modern bathrooms, quality bedding that is regularly replaced, and new pillows designed just for us at B&B Hotels by a French specialist... all at an affordable price! You can sleep like a log, and every morning, we treat you to an all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet that combines branded and fresh products. 

Relaxation and sociability are also on the menu. Need some information? We have some great tips for our guests. Our hoteliers are always there to point you in the right direction, find a good parking spot, service station, or do anything else that might make your life easier. You’ve found what you were looking for at B&B Hotels.