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The B&B HOTELS breakfast

Find out about breakfast at our hotels in France.

As an all-you-can-eat self-service buffet, our breakfast offers both sweet and savory options to ensure that all our guests can find what they are looking for and have a great start to the day! Alongside our committed local partners, we make every effort to offer you the food that you’ll love the most, at the best price. From hot drinks and pastries to cereals and fresh produce, we have a wide range of options* to suit your needs! 

We know that mornings can often be a rush... But what if you took the time to start off the day on the right foot? At B&B HOTELS, we’ve carefully selected the products we have on offer. Just try them and see!

And all this, without forgetting to mention that our crispy bacon is of course made without preservatives, colourings or additives; that our scrambled eggs are now from free-range hens, or that we have chosen cheese without packaging and added a chocolate bread for the greediest!

So don't hesitate, get off to a good start and treat yourself to a good breakfast from B&B HOTELS and its committed partners!

Discover our local and committed breakfast partners!