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  • Nancy
  • 24 May 202425 May 2024
    24 May25 May
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B&B HOTELS in Nancy, 2 hotels

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Accommodation options in Nancy

Are you seeking inspiration to plan your next weekend away? Head off to explore eastern France and stay in Nancy ! To guide you through this city, we give you our best tips for exploring the city centre and the surrounding area - choose to stay in one of our B&B HOTELS!

Our best hotels in Nancy

To make your weekend in Nancy an unforgettable one, our warm welcome awaits you in a hotel located near Nancy railway station. You will enjoy the convenience of being very close to the city centre, which you will be able to reach in just a few minutes.

For those going to Nancy for a show, our hotel is just a stone’s throw from the Zénith.

Accommodation options near Nancy

For those wanting to stay near Nancy whilst avoiding the downsides of the city centre, we can welcome you in our hotels on the outskirts of Nancy close to lots of restaurants. Check out our B&B HOTEL Nancy Frouard;

Those wanting to enjoy a stay at low rates would do well to head off and explore the capital of the Lorraine Dukes. In the heart of Meurthe-et-Moselle (54), the city of Nancy has all kinds of transport links that could not be better. Whether arriving by train, car or plane, you will be able to get to your accommodation easily. Check out the tips from our hoteliers to enjoy a stay exploring the tourist attractions that are not to be missed in Nancy !

What attractions are not to be missed in Nancy?

As a city that significantly inspiredArt Nouveau in Franceand helped it to take off and develop, to this day Nancy is singularly well-known due to its sumptuous architecture.

During your stay or weekend break,you won’t want to miss theemblematic Place Stanislas. Right in the heart of the city, it is its emblem and the reason why it is well-known internationally. A real architectural gem, it is recognised as one of the world’s finest town squares. A UNESCO World Heritage site, it allows the city to draw visitors fond of cultural heritage.

Located in this town square, the City Hall of Nancy is an integral part of this building, and is considered one of the city’s finest buildings.

With its ornate railings covered in gold leaf and inspired by the Château of Versailles, the square offers a splendid panorama and takes you back in time.

Things to do in Nancy Here are our top tips!

While you’re in the region, make the most of it to stop and admire a key example of Nancy’s signature architectural style. The Villa Majorelle is one of the most representative buildings in terms of the significance of Art Nouveau in the early 20th century in this city in eastern France.

A listed building, it’s a must-see to admire the sumptuousness of this architectural movement of the beginning of the century.

Those wishing to visit it can book at the l'école de Nancy. While you’re there you can make the most of it to also visit the Musée de l'école de Nancy.

During your stay in Nancy, don’t forget to stop off at the Musée des Beaux Arts de la ville de Nancy. Which is known to be one of the country’s oldest museums. As it is on Place Stanislas, you can easily stop off there as part of your city centre itinerary.

Where to eat in Nancy

Nancy is known as the city of Bergamot (a local specialty), but it’s also the city of the Macaron. The keenest gourmets will have the chance to taste these little delights in one of the oldest establishments: head to the Maison des Sœurs Macarons in Nancy’s old town.

With its many restaurants, rue des Maréchaux is the perfect place to have lunch or dinner. There you can taste regional specialties in one of the neighbourhood restaurants.

The best things to do and see in Nancy

Explore Nancy on foot

Le Parc de la Pépinière

Just a stone’s throw from the three emblematic sites in Nancy that have been listed as UNESCO World Heritage sites since 1983: place Stanislas, place de la Carrière and place d'Alliance, the Parc de la Pépinière is the perfect place for a walk as a family or couple.

The city centre and Place Stanislas

Place Stanislas is something you won’t want to miss out of your stay. On the north-east edge of Nancy city centre, it connects two neighbourhoods that were once separate from the city. You can admire the monuments and architecture of the buildings, both of which are typical of the Ancien Régime. Cutting through this square you can get to Place de La Carrière, separated only by theArc Héré. The old town will take you back in time to the Middle Ages before you get to the Ville Neuve via theEnsemble Stanislas.

If you have a little time before you on yourbusiness trip, make the most of it by going for a stroll in the old town: explore Rue Saint-Georges, Rue Saint-Dizier and the Basilique Saint-Epvre.

Throughout the year, the city hosts a great deal of events that brighten the lives of locals and tourists alike.

Since its first edition in 1979, the book fair Le Livre sur la Place in September has become a must for bookworms.

Fans of music and light shows must not miss the Festival Rendez-Vous Place Stanislas which enhances the architecture of this emblematic square. The city also plays host to the finest classical music singers at the Nancyphonies.

Music fans can go to a great deal of events such as the Nancy Jazz Pulsationsand the Musiques Volantes festival. Maybe that can be your excuse for coming to stay in Nancy ?

To make the most of this most lively city, book your stay in one of out three hotels in Nancy!

As the capital of the Duchy of Lorraine, the city’s renown is down to Leopold and Stanislas who made Nancy the magnificent city that it is today. Made the property of the French Crown upon the death of Stanislas in 1766, it escaped the French Revolution unscathed but was much more heavily scarred by the two World Wars.

The early 20th century is a key period for the city, which alters and goes through a great deal of changes led by the Nancy architectural style, which brings changes to the city’s architecture.

The find out how these events have left their mark on the history of Nancy, you can explore the city’s oldest street with Grand' Rue and its many shops which will take you right back to days gone by.