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  • Metz
  • 29 May 202430 May 2024
    29 May30 May
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B&B Hotels in Metz, 4 hotels

Discover our affordable hotels in Metz and visit the capital of Lorraine! The Centre Pompidou Art Museum or the Amnéville Zoo will delight both children and adults alike. Come and experience the architectural diversity this 3,000 year old city has to offer and stay in one of our hotels in Metz.

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3,000 years of history have obviously left their mark! With a rich past, Metz has nevertheless developed with the times, uniting history, heritage and new cultures. From the attractions in Amnéville to the quaint little squares, not forgetting its famous residents such as Robert Schuman, there is as much history as sights to explore in Metz. Let B&B Hotels handle your accommodation in Metz, leaving you free to explore the city in your own time.

Where to sleep in Metz

Discover our best hotels in Metz

Looking for a hotel room with free Wi-Fi in Metz? Our B&B Hotel Metz Augny is located close to the city centre and the TGV train station and our B&B Hotel Metz Jouy Aux Arches is close to the Ars-sur-Moselle train station. Or perhaps you might prefer to spend a night in our B&B Hotel Metz Semécourt near to the Belle Vue train station and Amnéville Golf Course.

You might also wish to discover our B&B Hotel Metz Est Technopôle Pôle Santé located opposite the Pôle Santé-Innovation de Mercy Business Park, just minutes from the Technopôle Science Park and the future Technopôle Business Park. The Château de Mercy is the ideal setting for your stay, whether it’s for a business trip, for pleasure or for a sporting event.

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The history of the city of Metz

Metz was formed over the course of successive occupations, the influence of which is seen in the town planning. Each period had its own style. Roman, Gothic and Renaissance under the German Holy Roman Empire, Baroque, Classic or Rococo under the Ancient Regime, a touch of Art Nouveau and Neo-Baroque under the German Empire and finally the Modern Movement under the Second Empire and the French Republic. Lovers of architecture are in the right place.

Places to visit in Metz

Take a stroll through the Îles quarter and dip your toes into the Moselle river, then on to the Nouvelle Ville (New Town) that hosts the famous Impérial quarter, whilst passing by the Plantières de Queuleu quarter, the medieval Ancienne Ville (Old Town), the Centre Pompidou, the city centre and the Cour d’Or Museum, none of which are to be missed. After a long day walking the length and breadth of Metz, you’ll be longing for a comfy bed.

The Sainte Croix quarter

Come and roam around this charming, peaceful quarter with its winding alleyways, religious monuments, Gothic houses and fountains. Bathed in culture, it hosts the Cour d’Or Museum (with its archaeological and artistic collections), the Music Conservatory and the Town Archives. Concerts and plays are also plentiful in the vault at the Trinitaires, a former convent. It is not to be missed!

The Impérial quarter

Places of worship, gardens, squares and greenery can all be found in this part of Metz. The squares are very popular on sunny days, places of relaxation and escape. Come and discover the remarkable architectural diversity in this quarter that dates back more than 100 years. Metz’s Impérial quarter has been perfectly preserved.

Discover Metz

Whether you are visiting Metz for a weekend with the family or for a business trip, there is always something to see and do. Looking for art and culture? Head to the Centre Pompidou-Metz Art Museum or the Arsenal, dedicated to the arts, dance and music, and take in an exhibition.
If you are interested in archaeology, explore the Roman ruins and don’t forget to visit the Cour d’Or Museum, established in 1839. History lover? The city is an open book.

Your stay in Metz will almost certainly coincide with one of the many events that take place throughout the year. The European short film festival known as Les Petits Claps, the summer book festival L’Eté Du Livre, the Moselle Open tennis tournament and not forgetting the Hot-Air Balloon event or Macellum, a large festival, organised by a union of agricultural workers from the surrounding area, dedicated to farming. There’s no risk of being bored!

Come and enjoy these celebrations whilst staying a few days, book a room in an affordable hotel in Metz directly though our website.