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  • Royan
  • 23 Apr. 202424 Apr. 2024
    23 Apr.24 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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B&B Hotels in Royan, 1 hotel

Nestled on the Côte de Beauté, Royan is the ideal destination for a nature getaway. The fine-grained sand of its beaches and its marina offer the promise of a relaxing escape, full of family outings and nautical activities. The city preserves a rich heritage that you can discover in the course of your walks. Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Royan? Learn more about the B&B hotel in Royan, located near the La Palmyre zoo.

A comfortable hotel in Royan

The city of Royan is especially beloved by tourists: lovely weather, a rich natural heritage, dreamy landscapes... The city has it all! As for gastronomical adventures, your stay in Royan is the perfect chance to try the delicious fish and seafood specialties that are part of Charente’s culinary riches. Are you looking for a hotel near here? B&B welcomes you a stone’s throw away from the must-see sites of the Gironde river’s estuary.

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The comfortable rooms of our B&B Hotel Royan-La Palmyre are equipped with free and unlimited WiFi. Perfectly located and with excellent access to transportation, the hotel offers you a wide selection of climate-controlled rooms.

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The story of Royan takes off at the start of the 19th century with the fashion for sea bathing and quickly becomes a major seaside resort. Picasso stayed here from 1930-1940: the city inspired several of his paintings.

Bombed in 1945, more than 85% of the Charente town was destroyed and then rebuild according to the modernist principles of the era’s greatest architects. Today we can still admire the whimsical architecture of the Belle Epoque villas that are one of the city’s defining traits.

Discover the city of Royan and the surrounding area

You can use your weekend in Royan to take lovely walks along the ocean and to stroll the Grande Conche beach, extending from the marina’s pier to the tip of the Vallières point. Or, if you need another walk idea, try the one linking the city to Pontaillac.

Are you looking for ideas for other family escapades? The Zoo de la Palmyre, only a few minutes from the seaside resort, is home to over 1600 animals.

Royan hides an interesting heritage tied to the history of the Saintonge province. Built in the 17th century, the Cordouan Lighthouse is the oldest lighthouse in France.

An icon of post-war architecture, the Notre-Dame de Royan Church, built by Guillaum Gillet and Marc Hébrard, is considered a masterpiece of modern architecture. Among the many seaside villas, you can admire the Villa Les Campaniles, inspired by the old Foncillon casino.

Several festivities punctuate the coastal town’s calendar, especially during the summer: the equestrian Jumping International de Royan, at the end of July; the Festival Un Violon sur le Sable, spotlighting classical music in July; the Illuminations de Pontaillac, which light up every summer evening from nightfall until 2 in the morning and the Fêtes de la Belle Epoque, which brings pre-war Royan back to life in July and August.

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