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  • Auray
  • 29 Feb. 202401 Mar. 2024
    29 Feb.01 Mar.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Auray, 1 hotel

Book your stay in Auray today by following tips from B&B HOTELS. The perfect place for your holidays and weekends in southern Brittany, the city of Auray is located very close to the Quiberon Peninsula.

Book low-cost lodging without compromising on comfort.

Discover our best hotel in Auray

Located near the main roads of the Morbihan, you will enjoy staying in the centre of southern Brittany.

Our B&B hotel in Auray Carnac enjoys a privileged location near the seaside resort of Carnac. It’s very easy to reach the hotel, thanks to its proximity with the RN165- how practical! Just a few minutes from the city centre of Auray and the port of Saint-Goustan, the hotel is a perfect home base for visiting the surrounding area at your own pace.

Take advantage of your stay here to visit LocmariaquerCarnac or La Trinité-sur-Mer.

Book your stay in the Auray region

For travellers who want to take full advantage of their stay in our hotel, head to Carnac to discover the most beautiful beaches in the region. For a moment of pure relaxation, why not treat yourself to a bit of thalassotherapy in Carnac?

Then head for the emblematic port of La Trinité-sur-Mer, where you can regularly discover the most famous sailboats of the nautical world. The city is commonly called “the Mecca of sailing”.

A true seaside resort town, it is an idyllic setting for a day with your partner or your family as you discover the wealth the region has to offer.

Lovers of history, architecture and heritage won’t want to miss Sainte-Anne d’Auray where you can see the emblematic Basilica and its sanctuary. Each year a great pardon takes place here, attracting a large number of pilgrims from all over France.

Lesser known than the Carnac stones, the Locmariaquer megaliths and their Table des Marchands are a must-see site if you wish to learn more about Britanny’s history and its megalithic heritage.

A hotel at the base of the Quiberon Peninsula.

Our B&B hotel in Auray is a perfect jumping off point for discovering the sublime Quiberon Peninsula and its islands, by way of the well-preserved wild coastline, a surfer’s paradise. Next, head to the emblematic Quiberon seaside resort.

In the summertime you can take advantage of theTire-Bouchon, which links Auray and Quiberon and offers its passengers a stunning panoramic view.

Discover the Morbihan islands close to Auray

Located very close to the Golfe du Morbihan, this hotel is conveniently placed if you’re heading to the docks of Baden Port-Blanc to visit l’Ile aux Moines or the Ile d’Arz or take a boat trip. Located at the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan, these islands are an idyllic setting for a hike or a bicycle trip.

At the Quiberon docks you can board a boat to go explore the famous Belle-Ile-en-Mer and discover the Aiguilles de Port-Coton. You can also visit the Ile d’Houat or Hoedic.

The best walks in southern Brittany

During your holidays in the region, you can admire the magnificent scenery of the Gulf of Morbihan You can discover this little inland sea by boat or by foot. You can also walk along the beaches of the nearby ocean. Numerous green spaces offer lovely settings for your family walks: you can stroll through the Forêt de Camors, or go on a family hike from the Port de Saint-Goustan to the Port du Bono, where you can admire the magnificent view of the charming Port de Saint-Goustan from the Rampes du Loch. And, of course, you can also enjoy the fine sands beaches of Carnac.

The region is also known and loved by cyclists for the numerous bicycle paths that follow the coastline.

In Auray’s picturesque city centre you can discover numerous Saint-Goustan artists’ workshops: painters, sculptors, illustrators and other artists have chosen to take up residence in the steep, narrow streets. Take some time to stroll along the port and observe the old sailing ships.

What to do in the Auray region

The region of southern Brittany has a rich, diverse cultural heritage: the Erdeven area is perfect for travellers who wish to discover the region north of Quiberon, and for fans of winter sports.

While you’re there you can check out the sandbar and the Ria d’Etel, with its emblematic Île de Saint-Cado.

Discover the standing stones of Kerzerho and what they call the “Giants of Kerzerho”.

Finally, opt for a promenade on the magnificent beaches and discover the bunkers of the last vestiges of the Mur de l’Atlantique.

Lovers of sailing and old sailing ships come together here every 2 years on Ascension Weekend for the Semaine du Golfe.

You can also attend, every other year on Easter weekend, the Spi Ouest-France at La Trinité-sur-Mer.

Among the other high points of the year are Eurocat in Carnac, a large catamaran festival at the end of April and beginning of May, and the Théâtre de Verdure in Carnac, which offers a rich programme of events from May until the autumn, in the Césarine garden. In March, Auray hosts the Festival Méliscènes (marionette theatre), then in early May the Temps Fort Amateurs festival, which shines a light on theatre, dance and music.

Discover the Festival des Galettes du Monde in Sainte Anne d’Auray.

There’s no risk of being bored: whether you’re travelling for a holiday or for work, alone or with a group, don’t delay- book our affordable hotel in Auray today.