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  • Montélimar
  • 04/02/202305/02/2023
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Montelimar, 2 hotels

An emblematic city in the Midi-Pyrénées region, Montélimar is nicknamed the “Portes de Provence” or the Provence Gateway. The city is loved for its famous culinary specialties, its pleasant climate, its cultural events and its historic monuments. The surroundings of Montélimar are also worth visiting: you can discover many authentic perched villages, browse landscapes of forests, plains and hills ... The city has it all! Are you planning a trip to Montélimar and looking for an affordable hotel? Discover the hotel B&B in Montélimar: an affordable hotel with top quality services. The city is particularly dynamic: it’s a student city and home to many businesses. The local heritage is particularly rich: there are more than 43 historic monuments listed in the city. Montélimar is also classified as a city of art and history. Are you planning a trip to Montélimar and looking for an affordable hotel? Try our B&B hotel in Montélimar: great price and quality, guaranteed!

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Located at the gateway to Provence, Montélimar is right in the heart of Drôme, between Valence and Avignon. Famous around the world for its nougat, the city is home to a rich heritage. Book your accommodation in Montélimar today!

Where to stay in Montélimar?

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Are you looking for a hotel in Montélimar? Ideally located, our B&B Hotel Montélimar Nord and our B&B Hotel Montelimar Sud are waiting to welcome you right in the vicinity of area’s must-see sites. The hotel has a room to suit you, no matter what. Carefully soundproofed for guaranteed peace and tranquility, they have everything you need. All are equipped with a flat-screen television and free, unlimited Wi-Fi access. All rooms are air conditioned. We also offer breakfast. The hotel also offers 24-hour room availability, meaning no matter what time you arrive, you’ll be able to quickly get the keys for your room.

The hotel in Montélimar is in Tourettes, just a few kilometres from the city centre. The hotel is near the A7 motorway, which is ideal if you’re travelling by car!

Visit Montélimar

The history of Montélimar , and specifically the Gournier quarter dates back 5000 years. Part of the Roman Empire in the first century BC, "Acunum" benefited from its privileged location on the road linking Lyon to Arles. The city then passed into the hands of important families, like the Adhémar de Monteil family. In 1449, Montélimar became part of Dauphiné. During the French Wars of Religion the citadel which dominates the city was built. In the 19th century, Montélimar began to produce nougat. In terms of urban planning, the city was built following a classis Gallo-Roman city plan: it extends on either side of a north-south axis.

From almond orchards to lavender fields, to cypress hedges, the region has magnificent landscapes. For a relaxing break from sightseeing, head to the Jardin Public gardens. Nestled in the corner of the city, it has a lake and historic bandstand.

Montélimar has lots of interesting heritage, such as the Château des Adhémar castle, built in a Roman style on the edges of the city which today houses a contemporary art centre. You can also visit the Palais des Bonbons et du Nougat (Palace of Sweets and Nougat) and the Maison des Jouets (Toy House). A visit to days gone by and a treat for food lovers. Nearby, you can also walk around the charming village of Alba-la-Romaine, which lies at the foot of the Coiron massif. Why not visit the miniature Provençal village, the Domaine Eyguebelle or the Château de Grignan.

One of the highlights of the year: Montélimar Couleur Lavande sees the arrival of a huge market full of lavender products (essential oils, honey, syrups, laundry fragrance sachets, etc.), plus shows and much more. In July, go to the Montélimar Agglo Festival, which has an impressive schedule of shows and concerts. Each year in September, the city moves to the rhythm of the Festival de l'écrit à l'écran, a film event that showcases around twenty films and lets you get behind the scenes. In October, the city organises its Cafés littéraires, which offer great opportunities for writers and readers to get together. At Christmas, a huge market takes over the streets.

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