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  • Evry
  • 16 Jun. 202417 Jun. 2024
    16 Jun.17 Jun.
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B&B Hotels in Évry, 2 hotels

Stay in our affordable hotels in Évry for a stay in a tranquil setting very close to Paris. Explore this thriving city, currently in the middle of an urban renewal program, where container port meets university town, architectural and environmental heritage. Come and tour this city and book a room in one of our hotels in Évry.

Book your hotel in Évry

Located between Paris and Orly airport, Évry is a high-end business tourism destination. But the city doesn’t only draw businesspeople! With its gardens, old town and thriving arts scene, it is noted for offering a laid-back lifestyle and high quality of life. Wait no longer to come and enjoy the tranquility of this city and of our accommodation in Évry!

Where to sleep in Évry

If you’re looking for a hotel with free Wi-Fi, book a room at the B&B HOTEL Évry Lisses (1) or the B&B HOTEL Évry Lisses (2), which are near the airport, the A6 motorway serving the south of France and the train station, from which you can reach the centre of Paris in 50 minutes via the RER D suburban train link. These two hotels feature everything you’ll need: flat-screen television, XXL shower head, high-quality bedding and even free unlimited Wifi, so that you can stay online.

Our best affordable hotels

Need accommodation near transport links? Our B&B HOTEL Évry Lisses (1) is right next to the A6 motorway, 5 km from Évry-Courcouronnes railway station and 15 min from Orly airport: not bad! Have you chosen Évry as a base to explore Paris ? Our affordable hotel is 50 minutes away from Paris via the RER D suburban train link. With its two stars, this hotel will meet all of your expectations.

To explore the city of Évry and tour the surrounding area, our B&B HOTEL Évry Lisses (2) is the right accommodation option for you.. This way you will be able to visit the France Miniature park or the château of Vaux le Vicomte. This hotel in Évry is exceptionally well located close to the A6 motorway (serving the south of France), close to Orly airport and to Évry-Courcouronnes railway station. The nearby RER D suburban train link brings you directly to Paris in 50 minutes: handy for an escapade into Paris!

Don’t delay—book your affordable hotel in Évry today!

Your stay in Évry

Évry was once a city beloved of the nobility with a multitude of châteaux and stately homes, but was left heavily scarred by the Second World War. Though partially destroyed, the city went on to thrive thanks to the many and varied business ventures of the Decauville family of industrialists. In the post-war period, Évry embarked on a fabulous urban adventure. This new town, built to relieve the congestion in Paris, was completed in the 60s. Since then it has proudly combined ancient and modern to appeal to those visiting!

Once in Évry you will be able to stroll along the banks of the Seine, which in summer feature picnic tables and activities for children. For a relaxing interlude, head to the parc des Coquibus and its 27 hectares of green space. From a cultural outing exploring La France Miniature to a tour of Évry’s castles like the Château of Vaux-le-Vicomte in the Essonne conurbation - there’s a wide variety of activities on offer!

History fans - Évry will not disappoint! The city is home to no less than eight châteaux located in the heart of its countryside. If your curiosity gets the better of you, enter the château du Grand Bourg.Now a school, it has gardens which are among the city’s finest. Keep your eyes peeled during your stay in Évry, as somewhere, beneath a tree, you can spot thebonhomme en pierre(“stone man”), the city’s oldest statue! Don’t hesitate to go and admire the architecture of the Église Saint Pierre et Saint Paul, a church thought to date back to the 13th century.

The Évry event calendar is mostly about culture : a poetry event in March as well as International Digital and Interactive Arts Week, Fête de la Musique in June, Salon du Livre in October and Photography Month in November: whatever your passion, you can find an event to indulge in it in Évry! Plus, all of these events are free of charge!

Whether for a business trip or relaxing weekend away, there are plenty of good reasons to come and visit the region and stay in our affordable hotels in Évry.