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  • Evreux
  • 02 Mar. 202403 Mar. 2024
    02 Mar.03 Mar.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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B&B Hotel in Evreux, 1 hotel

Stay at our affordable hotel in Evreux and take a trip to Normandy! Located in the heart of a forest, less than 100 km of Paris and right on the edge of Haute-Normandie, this city has even more surprises in store for you. Its 70 hectares of parks and green spaces make it popular with families. Come and explore the rich cultural heritage of this town by booking a room in our B&B Hotel in Evreux.

Book an affordable hotel in Evreux

Part of Haute-Normandie, Evreux is at the heart of the Iton Valley. A very signification portion of its area consists of the Evreux Community Forest, providing the city with an expansive covering of vegetation. Book your accommodations in Evreux with B&B Hotels and get ready to set off.

Where to stay in Evreux?

Our best hotel in Evreux

For your hotel in Evreux, choose B&B Hotel Evreux. Perfectly located a few metres from the N13 national road, our hotel is waiting to welcome you, whether you are on vacation or on business. Our rooms will meet all your requirements: they come equipped a flat-screen television and free, unlimited Wi-Fi. An extra-roomy shower, high-quality bedding and soundproofing mean nothing has been ignored when it comes to your absolute comfort.

With its location near the major N13 et N154 roads, the B&B Hotel Evreux is impossible to miss! The Evreux SNCF train station is a 10 minute car ride away, making it just as practical to arrive by rail. If you want to explore the city or enjoy its parks and green spaces, take note: our rooms are only a few minutes from the city centre. Rated two star, this affordable hotel makes it easy for your to visit the Notre Dame Cathedral.

Book your affordable hotel in Evreux today!

Discover the city of Evreux

The ancient capital of the Aulerci Eburovices tribe, Evreux was founded at the end of the 1st century BC. Along with a theatre, Evreux had public buildings, a forum and baths. The city was surrounded by ramparts in the 3rd century, which can still be seen today in the main museum. In the Middle Ages, the city was ransacked, burned and fought over with the Normans and English. Very heavily damaged during the Second World War, the city centre of Evreux has been almost entirely rebuilt since then.

The city has several excellent locations to walk around and explore! You can follow the Iton River, located in the centre of Evreux, admiring the Moulin de Navarre and period wash houses as you do so. Afterwards, why not follow the Iton back up, with the Le Beffroi clock tower right alongside it? Built at the end of the 15th century and 43 metres high, it is the most southern belfry in all of France. Finally, don’t miss the Jardin and Rose Garden of the Château de Miserey, with its impressive collection of springtime flowers.

In Evreux, the Notre Dame Cathedral, built in the 10th century, draws flocks of tourists. It impressive scale and 70 windows are considered a marvel of French stained-glass. Founded in the 10th century, the Saint Taurin Abbey is one of the masterpieces of medieval French goldsmithery. The city ramparts, the old Capuchin conventand the Art, History and Archaeology Museum with its collection of decorative arts, furniture and paintings are also worth a visit.

Things to do in Evreux

At the end of June, the city is home to the Le Rock Dans Tous Ses États music festival: over the course of two days, different pop and rock bands take the stage. In summer, the Village du Sport et de la Culture gets everyone in Evreux on their feet. In October, the Festival du Livre Jeunesse brings together authors and readers of children’s books. At the start of November, music and dancing are in the spotlight with the Festival Country d'Evreux.

Whether you are travelling for work or for a holiday, treat yourself to a comfortable stay in an affordable hotel—book a room in ourhotel in Evreux today!