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  • Brignoles
  • 12 Jun. 202413 Jun. 2024
    12 Jun.13 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Brignoles, 1 hotel

Looking for an affordable hotel in Brignoles? Our B&B hotels offer you a stay that’s perfectly adapted to your needs. Enjoy free and unlimited Wifi, breakfast, TV, and more, all for a low cost! Discover Brignoles, and the charms of a typical Provence city, all while taking advantage of attractive rates for your accommodation.

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Looking for a destination getaway in Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur? Nestled in the heart of Provence, the small Provencal town of Brignoles is at the gates of Verdon by the seaside. Book your accommodation in Brignoles now. Our affordable hotels have all the essential amenities for a 100% relaxing stay.

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Are you looking for a hotel in Brignoles? Opt for an affordable accommodation: B&B hotels guarantee you maximum comfort for a low fare.

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Stay at our B&B Hôtel Brignoles. Ideally located, our hotel is located in the city-centre and offers a wide range of room options to meet your every need. All rooms are air-conditioned and come equipped with a free WiFi connection and flat-screen television. Have breakfast for 6 € before starting your day. Take advantage of your stay to discover Brignoles at your own pace: the vineyards, Provencal farmhouses and the typical hills of the South will immerse you immediately in the easygoing and sunny atmosphere of the PACA region.

Your stay in Brignoles with B&B HOTELS

While there is evidence of human presence the Neolithic on the era, Brignoles was mentioned for the first time only in the 6th century, in a charter. In the 15th century, Brignoles hosted the first assembly of the Parliament of Provence. The city developed thanks to the production of bauxite, which it exploited for nearly a century. But faced with the exhaustion of this resource, Brignoles turned to tourism.

Hiking, white water sports, cycling, horse riding, etc. The region of Brignoles offers many leisurely activities. Among the must-see natural sites, you can explore the Sainte Baume mountain, between Nans-les-Pins and Plan d'Aups, the Sourn Valley, the troglodyte caves of Cotignac, the lakes of Carcès, Vins and Quinson, and many more. Golf lovers can try out the Barbaroux golf course, ranked among the forty best European courses.

During your holidays in Brignoles, you can also visit the Museum of the Pays Brignolais, which is located in the Palace of the Counts of Provence. It houses the sarcophagus of the Gayolle, which dates back to second or third century AD. Other great sites to explore during your stay in Brignoles include: the church of Saint-Sauveur, the Chapel of Augustins, the Royal Chapel of St. Catherine, the Hotel de Claviers - which regularly holds exhibitions - and the Abbey of La Celle.

Winter Festivals in April, the Brignoles Fair in May, Rock'in Brignoles, The Couleurs du Monde et Feria Festival in July, Jazz à Brignoles, Les Médiévales and the Saint-Louis Festival in August. Numerous events are organised in Brignoles throughout the year.