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  • Saint-Avold
  • 24 May 202425 May 2024
    24 May25 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Saint-Avold, 1 hotel

If you have decided to visit the Moselle area in the east of France, stop in Saint-Avold. This charming little town is located in the heart of the region between Metz and Strasbourg on the Franco-German border. You’ll discover rich heritage, and can take advantage of its proximity to Germany to take a short trip to the other side of the border. And to stay in Saint-Avold under the best conditions, B&B HOTELS offers spacious and well-equipped rooms!

Spending the night in Saint-Avold

A well-located hotel in Saint-Avold

Our 3-star B&B HOTEL Saint-Avold Nord, offers an excellent quality of service at the best rates. Our teams welcome you 24/7 in a quiet setting within a modern establishment located on Avenue du Général Patton. You can get to the city centre and Saint-Avold train station in just a few minutes. The advantage of our hotel? Its private and free parking!

Are you going on a business trip? Our hotel is less than 3 km from the Saint-Avold Conference Centre. You can easily attend seminars and events. Our establishment also has its own seminar room where you can hold or attend your own professional events.

Saint-Avold: a well-connected town on the Franco-German border

Saint-Avold is a town that is easily accessible from the A4 motorway that connects Paris to Strasbourg. An SNCF train station also serves the city, and Metz-Nancy-Lorraine Airport (or Lorraine Airport) is about 50 km away.
It is also very easy to get around downtown Saint-Avold. Indeed, the city has six Transavold bus lines, and a dozen lines to the surrounding municipalities.
The proximity of Saint-Avold with Germany will allow you to visit our neighbors and reach the pretty city of Saarbrücken in just 30 minutes.

B&B HOTELS services in Saint-Avold

If you are looking for accommodation for your next holiday, B&B HOTELS guarantees you excellent value for money. The rooms on offer are all spacious and equipped with air conditioning. For added comfort, your bathroom is private, and you will also have a flat-screen TV with a wide choice of channels. 
Want to stay connected? No problem: we offer a free and unlimited Wi-Fi connection.

As for dining, you can start the day with a rich and tasty breakfast buffet. On the menu: sweet and savoury items to please everyone. A snack service with gourmet tasting jars to taste is also available. And to discover the local specialities, there’s nothing like the bars and restaurants of the city.

Visit Saint-Avold and its surroundings

Discover Saint-Avold and the surrounding area

Nestled in the heart of the Moselle region, Saint-Avold takes its name from Saint-Nabor, whose relics were transferred there. Alternately under the protection of the bishops of Metz, a city of the Duchy of Lorraine, and then of the Kingdom of France, Saint-Avold was also a commercial crossroads for Lorraine and German merchants. Of course, the city was annexed several times by Germany, and it suffered the full brunt of both world wars.

You can discover its rich and eventful history through its monuments and museums. Also, don’t miss the abbey church of Saint-Nabor, a prestigious abbey founded in the 6th century, the Sainte-Croix church or theSaint-Hyppolite church and its ossuary. Around the streets of Saint-Avold, you can also admire pretty fountains, the best known of which are the Saint-Nabor fountain located on Place de la Victoire, and the Sainte-Marie fountain at the corner of rue de l'Hôpital and rue Poincaré. Trails and treasure hunts will allow you to explore the city to discover its monuments and legends in a fun way. It’s sure to please the whole family!

To learn more about the war that deeply affected the region, you can visit works of the Maginot Line such as the Fort du Bambesch, the shelter of Bockange or the Petit Ouvrage de Laudrefang. Another must-see place: the Saint-Avold American Military Cemetery. It is the largest American military cemetery of the Second World War in Europe. You will see more than 10,000 graves of soldiers and airmen, the memorial chapel, a lookout with a view of the entire cemetery, and the walls of the missing where the names of the 444 soldiers whose bodies have not been found are inscribed.

In terms of nature, you can walk along the Bischwald pond and Lake Creutzwald, walk the Berfang educational trail to discover the mining past of the region, or explore the Regional Nature Reserve of the Moulin area. Want to learn more about local legends? Discover them through the remarkable trees of Saint-Avold and Bettange. For example, the Witches' Oak is, according to legend, 850 years old and was supposedly an important place for witches’ nighttime meetings.
Are you traveling with the family? Enjoy the swimming pool of Saint-Avold, bowling, golf or the Trampoline Park. Fun is guaranteed!
Staying in Saint-Avold also means being able to easily visit the major cities in the region: Metz, Nancy or even Strasbourg.


Saint-Avold is located about 30 minutes from Saarbrücken in Germany. So, you can easily spend the day there. It is the federal capital of Germany's smallest state, Saarland. Known for its many monuments, it knows how to captivate its visitors. Moreover, the church of Prince Louis and the castle of Saarbrücken are must-see places in the city.
Saarbrücken also has several museums: Saarland Museum, which is an art museum, the Archaeological Museum, or the German Museum of Written Media: there’s something for everyone. For a quiet break, the Franco-German Garden of Saarbrücken is the ideal place.
Whether for one or for several nights in Saint-Avold, it is our pleasure to welcome you to our B&B HOTELS. Don't wait any longer: make your booking at the B&B HOTEL Saint-Avold Nord in just a few clicks!