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  • Corbeil-Essonnes
  • 24 May 202425 May 2024
    24 May25 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Corbeil-Essonnes, 1 hotel

Do you want to book an affordable hotel near the railway station in Corbeil-Essonnes? B&B HOTELS offers you affordable rooms with all the home comforts you might need in Ile-de-France for business or leisure trips, as a family or among friends.

Book a stay in Corbeil-Essonnes

Opting for B&B HOTELS in Corbeil means that you’re sure to find a hotel that meets your needs. We have a wide range of room types to meet the needs of everyone as circumstances dictate: single rooms, double rooms, four-person rooms for families and groups.

Booking an affordable B&B HOTELS in Corbeil means that you’ll get personalised service with a smile. You can stay connected to the Internet with free unlimited Wi-Fi in your room and in the common areas.

You can travel while still enjoying home comforts: you’ll sleep on a high-quality mattress, and can relax in front of the flat-screen TV with its bundle of channels, in a soundproofed room. The bathroom comprises a shower, toilet and wash basin.
In the morning, you can enjoy a decent breakfast buffet featuring your favourite branded foods for a good start to the day.

Would you like to stay in a hotel with your dog or cat? Pets are welcome in our hotel at an additional fee. We look forward to welcoming you!

Which hotel should you choose in Corbeil-Essonnes?

Our best hotel in Corbeil-Essonnes

Our B&B HOTEL Corbeil-Essonnes is perfect for those with a train to catch: this hotel is near the railway station in Corbeil-Essonnes, just three kilometres away. The station is connected to the RER D suburban railway line, which can take you to Paris in 55 minutes with no changes.

It is also close to the Francilienne highway (N104), the Autoroute du Soleil (A6) which heads down to the south of France, and is only about 20 minutes away from the Sénart forest and maze.

The hotel is only about 30 minutes away from the Château de Fontainebleau, from Cerny aviation museum and from the Maison d'Alphonse Daudet. What are you waiting for? Go ahead and book an affordable hotel in Corbeil right now!

Explore Corbeil-Essonnes

Since 1959, Corbeil and Essonnes have formed one and the same city: Corbeil-Essonnes. Up until this date, Corbeil was a significant town in France with its thriving milling operations. As time went on, monuments and places of worship were built and made the city more attractive. Book a hotel for the night and come and explore Corbeil.

The “circuits des Villages Briards” trails are perfect places for hiking or heading off on a country walk in the great outdoors. They are only 9 kilometres away from Corbeil-Essonnes and from your B&B HOTELS. If you want to stay in a more urban setting you can opt for a walk near the Seine, off the beaten track. After which you’ll appreciate the comfort of your affordable room.

Corbeil-Essonnes has a very rich heritage, and many of its buildings have been submitted as contenders for listed building status. Those listed are as follows: Eglise Saint-Etienne and Cathédrale Saint-Spire. You can see even more of them if you spend a few days at a hotel in Corbeil: Eglise Saint-Jean de l’Ile (Commanderie Saint-Jean), Grands Moulins de Corbeil and Les Halles du marché. Stop by to look at the Borne à fleur de lys on Boulevard Jean-Jaurès.

Corbeil Essonnes theatre stages a great deal of shows, events and concerts throughout the year. Go ahead and take a look at the events calendar. The show that you’ve been longing to see might just be on during your stay in the affordable B&B HOTELS.