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  • Louveciennes
  • 20 Jun. 202421 Jun. 2024
    20 Jun.21 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Louveciennes, 1 hotel

Looking to book an affordable hotel in Louveciennes? B&B HOTELS have what you need! Louveciennes is a town close to the western suburbs of Paris that offers the good life. Enjoy your stay in Louveciennes in a comfortable, affordable room with all the essentials.

Book your hotel in Louveciennes

B&B HOTELS in Louveciennes guarantees to have the perfect hotel room for you. We have different types of rooms; single, double or family rooms, for up to four people, to accommodate larger groups.

Our best hotel in Louveciennes

By booking a room in our B&B HOTEL in Louveciennes, you will enjoy a personal and friendly welcome and free unlimited, high-speed WiFi in your room and the communal areas. Holiday in comfort. In our rooms you will find high quality mattresses, flat screen TVs with a large range of channels, soundproofing and a fully equipped bathroom. Come morning, build your strength with a hearty, all-you-can-eat breakfast, offering both savoury and sweet treats. Would you like to stay in Louveciennes with your dog or cat? Pets are welcome in our hotel for an additional cost of just €4. We are waiting to welcome you!

The must-see sights in Louveciennes

During your family trip in the Paris region, take the opportunity to travel back in time at the Palace of Versailles!

The French Revolution, even though it decapitated the last occupants, spared the renowned home of the Sun King. Which worked out well for us, as you can now visit the Palace of Versailles.

Immerse yourself in the private life of Kings. The Royal Apartments, the Salle du Sacre, Marie-Antoinette’s Quarters and the Hall of Mirrors, you can even visit the Queen’s hamlet where Marie-Antoinette played at being a shepherdess and the Petit-Trianon where she held large parties.

A day at the Palace of Versailles opens the door to France’s rich history. You will discover everything about this palace, from its construction under Louis XIV to its seizing by Parisian commoners in 1789.

The Palace regularly holds exhibitions, most commonly work by contemporary artists, displayed among the classic decor of its rooms.

Designed by the famous landscaper Le Nôtre, the Royal Gardens at Versailles are worth the trip alone. You will love roaming around the pathways lined with statues, walking along the Grand Canal and getting lost in the labyrinth of thickets.

Enjoy a trip to Louveciennes with family or friends and book a room at our B&B HOTELS close to the Palace of Versailles.

Follow in the footsteps of the Impressionists by taking the Circuit Pissarro. It includes more than 30 works of art created by the Impressionists. These pieces are located in the exact position where the artists placed their easels to paint.

Not far from Louveciennes, you may also wish to visit the Château de Malmaison where Napoléon lived with Joséphine. Lovers of hiking can visit Rueil-Malmaison and keen cyclists can tackle the trail in Chatou.

The Saint-Martin Church in Louveciennes, classified as a historical monument, is part of the Versailles diocese. Louveciennes is fortunate to have many natural spaces, retaining both its past and its present, with their various châteaux and parks.

The multipurpose auditorium in the Town Hall, known as Camille Saint-Saëns, is dedicated to a programme of varied cultural events. These include exhibitions, conferences and concerts held throughout the year in Louveciennes.