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For travelers with corporate contract
  • Avignon Hotel B&B
  • 14/08/202215/08/2022
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Avignon, 2 hotels

Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Avignon for your next business trip or vacation? You’re in the right place! Stay within your budget by booking a room at an affordable rate without sacrificing any comfort.

Book your hotel in Avignon

When you choose a B&B hotel in Avignon, you are choosing to enjoy the following amenities:

  • Free, unlimited, high-speed Wi-Fi.
  • A friendly welcome from the hotel staff when you arrive.
  • In the morning, a self-serve breakfast buffet awaits you: leading brands, sweet and savoury options, bread and pastries delivered fresh.
  • A hotel with parking to make life simple. When booking your room, add this option for only 3 euros and you’ll be able to park hassle free.
  • A hotel that allows dogs and cats. Pets are welcome to stay with us for an extra fee of only 4 euros.
  • A hotel that accepts holiday vouchers. The only requirement is that you arrive when the reception desk is open.

Spend a night in an affordable hotel in Avignon that celebrates quality:

  • We offer differently sized rooms are available to accommodate any arrangement: 1 person rooms, 2 person rooms or 4 person rooms perfect for families or groups.
  • Our mattresses and bedding are high-quality. You’ll get a good night’s sleep in your B&B bed.
  • All are climate-controlled and equipped with sound-proofing. Your comfort is taken care of!
  • A flat-screen television is at your disposal when you want to relax in front of a wide range of channels, including sports and international news ones.
  • A fully-functional bathroom awaits, equipped with a toilet and extra-large shower.

Our best hotels in Avignon

B&B Avignon 1 and B&B Avignon 2

Only 1 minute away from each other, B&B Hotel Avignon 1 and B&B Hotel Avignon 2 are two affordable and conveniently located hotels. They are located near the city centre and the Avignon SNCF bus station. You can reach them easily by following the Route de Lyon road. The Fondvery business park is just around the corner. Don’t hesitate--book one of our budget hotels in Avignon with B&B HOTELS.

Visiting Avignon

If the city of Avignon’s fame is beyond question, that is because it rests on the richness of its history. And for good reason: the City of Popes was, in the Middle Ages, the capital of Christian Europe, being the home to no less than seven popes! That exceptional destiny left a permanent mark on the architecture of the city with its ramparts and its sumptuous palace. Stroll the streets of Avignon and take the opportunity to get lost: you will almost certainly discover, down one of its many side streets, the vestiges of its glorious past. But Avignon is also a city facing the future. Today, it extends past its historic centre with, notably, its SNCF TGV train station and its numerous shops.

A walk along the banks of the Rhone, a cultural tour of the historic city centre, a picturesque stroll around the Teinturiers quarter or a shopping trip down Rue de la République by way of the Epicurium… In the City of Popes, there’s no shortage of ideas for good walks, especially in the old city of Avignon. After a day on foot, visitors on a business trip or those on a family weekend away will be happy to relax back at our hotels!

Did you know that no fewer than six of the city’s attractions are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites? Among them is the famous Palais des Papes, the largest Gothic palace in the world ! Don’t forget to also explore its ramparts, its Doms Garden, its four cathedrals and its old mint, the Hôtel des Monnaies. You can also discover the convents, the hundred odd chapels and the synagogue classified as a historical monument, rebuilt between 1785 and 1787, scattered around the city. All these tourists sites are unmissable! You can even go dance and sing on the Saint-Bénezet bridge, better known by the name Pont d’Avignon!

Numerous guided tours of Avignon will also help you learn and understand the history of the City of the Popes. Young and old alike will love hearing the little stories that together make History proper.

We cannot talk about the city without mentioning the famous Avignon festival! Renowned across the world, it welcomes more than 800 theatre troupes into the heart of the city. Another important event: the Ban des Vendanges in September, a grape harvest festival during which revelers abandon moderation to eat and drink!