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For travelers with corporate contract
  • Beauvais Hotel B&B
  • 11/08/202212/08/2022
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Beauvais, 1 hotel

Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Beauvais? Book a comfortable, modern hotel within your budget. Whether you’re travelling for a business trip or a holiday, think of B&B Hotels for your stays in the Oise.

Affordable hotel in Beauvais

With B&B Hotels, choose a hotel that provides all the services you need:

  • Free, unlimited, high-speed Wi-Fi to stay connected at all times, even when you’re far from home.
  • Our staff will provide you with a friendly welcome and be happy to help you throughout your stay.
  • After a good night’s sleep, you will find a breakfast buffet awaiting you! A sweet and savoury buffet with fresh bread and pastries delivered each morning, scrambled eggs, bacon, cereal, crispbread, coffee, tea and more. Start your day off on the right foot!
  • Hotel with parking in Beauvais: park your car easily by booking a parking space for your car when you book your room.
  • Our hotels accept animals : dogs and cats are allowed in B&B establishments for an additional fee of only 4 euros.
  • You can pay for your stay with holiday vouchers if you arrive when reception is open.

Affordable hotels that offer every comfort you could wish for:

  • You can choose from different sizes of rooms: a 1-person room, a 2-person room for couples or even a 4-person room for families.
  • Sleep comfortably: high-quality mattresses, duvets and linens await you. 
  • Our hotels are air conditioned for optimal comfort.
  • Relax in front of a good TV show on your room’s flat-screen television, which offers a wide range of channels including sports and international news channels.
  • The rooms are soundproofed. You won’t be disturbed by any unwanted noise during your stay.
  • Your room also comes with a clean, functional bathroom with everything you need (shower accessories, shampoo, soap, etc.).
  • If you are looking for a hotel with a baby cot, reception will be happy to help you.  They are available in many of our hotels

Our affordable hotel in Beauvais

B&B Hotel Beauvais

Our B&B Hotel Beauvais is perfectly placed for travellers. Near the Beauvais-Tillé airport and the A16 motorway, it’s a perfect stopping point during your business trap or on a long layover. Close to the city centre and the SNCF train station, the hotel has an ideal location!

History and Town Planning

The former capital of Gaul, Beauvais became Bellovacum during the Gallo-Roman period. In the Middle Ages, Beauvais established its financial power, launching itself into the textile business and exporting its fabric to the Far East. The city experienced significant growth in the 13th and 14th centuries. The Cathédrale Saint-Pierre, built between the 13th and the 16th century, has the world’s highest Gothic church nave in the world. In 1664, a royal tapestry factory was established in Beauvais. The city’s decline began at the end of the 18th century. The city was heavily damaged during World War I and II, and took years to rebuilt—which explains its hodge-podge of different architectural styles. It is divided into eight different neighbourhoods.

Where to enjoy a walk

Feel like getting a breath of fresh air? Treat yourself to a nature getaway by spending an afternoon on the site of Canada Lake. With its 45 hectares and two lakes, the area is a perfect place to enjoy a range of recreational activities.


During your stay in Beauvais, you can admire the magnificent Cathédrale Saint Pierre de Beauvais, discover the collections of fabric and furniture at the Galerie Nationale de la Tapisserie and visit the departmental museum of the Oise, which is home to a remarkable collection of sculpted stones and wood.


Throughout the year, Beauvais hosts a number of major events: the Blues Autour du Zinc festival in March, the Festival de Violoncelle in April/May and the unmissable Fête de l’Ane et des Traditions aux Marais in June every other year. Each summer, the Scènes d’Eté organises a series of free street performances and Canada Beach on Canada Lake is the setting for numerous outdoor activities. The year continues with the Festival Malices et Merveilles (in August), the Photaumnales (in September), Pianoscope (in October) and Les Fééries de Noël (in December).