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  • Châteauroux
  • 01 Mar. 202402 Mar. 2024
    01 Mar.02 Mar.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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B&B HOTELS in Châteauroux, 3 hotels

Our hotels in Châteauroux

Are you looking for a hotel in Châteauroux? Discover our three B&B HOTELS at the best value for your money! 
Ideally located in Châteauroux and Déols, you can stay in a comfortable hotel where pets are also allowed.

Are you looking for an accomodation with WiFi for a business trip, a family vacation, or for a business trip during a trade show? Enjoy a fully-equipped double room with easy access from the train station and from the A20 highway.

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City located in the heart of the Centre region, it is the ideal place to stay for a nature stay in le Berry. With many parks, gardens, and other forests nearby, you can easily recharge your personnal batteries at a low price regardless the reason for your stay with us!

For a room with all the necessary amenities, book a room in one of our 2-star hotels with unlimited internet connection, private bath, and air conditioning. Our B&B HOTELS welcome you during your stay and all three have a free enclosed parking lot.
Châteauroux is also on the path of the A20 l'Occitane, connecting Vierzon to Montauban.

By staying in one of our B&B HOTELS Châteauroux-Déols, you will be 1 hour from Bourges, 1h20 from Limoges, or 1h30 from Montluçon by car. 

Discover Châteauroux

Located 250 kilometers from Paris, Châteauroux is in the heart of three regions (Champagne Berrichonne, Brenne, and Boischaut). Surrounded by l'Indre and la Ringoire rivers, and close to la Creuse, the city has a magnificent heritage. 
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Where to sleep in Châteauroux?

Are you looking for a quality hotel in Châteauroux at a low price? Do you want to enjoy the best rates and be greeted by a friendly staff that listens to your needs and can advise you on the latest trendy restaurant? B&B HOTELS welcomes you and always at low prices in the B&B HOTEL Châteauroux Déols, the B&B HOTEL Châteauroux A20 l’Occitane, and the B&B HOTEL Châteauroux Airport, near Montierchaume and Coings. Our hotels in Châteauroux, are clear stopovers, and offer spacious rooms adapted to all types of stays: family vacations, stopovers on the way to a vacation, business trips. Single or double beds, our options are adapted to your needs to ensure you have a good night's sleep. All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, flat-screen TV and free unlimited WiFi internet access.
Our two hotels also offer all-you-can-eat breakfast buffets. You will have at your disposal fresh bread, pastries, fruits but also bacon and other delicious savories. Nothing is better than it to recharge your batteries and have a great day.

Our top hotels in Châteauroux

This hotel is perfectly located ! As its name indicates, the B&B HOTEL Châteauroux Aéroport is located right next to the airport, to the north of the city. By staying in this hotel, you’re sure not to miss your flight! The hotel is also located close to the A20 motorway adjoining Montierchaume, leading directly to the town of Montauban. Finally, you can easily get to the city center of Châteauroux from the hotel and enjoy its many restaurants.

The B&B HOTEL Châteauroux Déols is located in the town of Déols, just a few kilometers from Châteauroux. This hotel is ideal for anyone looking to visit the town of Déols. The city also have great attractions such as Cluniac sites, Ecoparc, a 74-kilometer-long hiking trail. Whether you are visiting Châteauroux-Déols for business or pleasure, the Châteauroux-Déols hotel will meet your needs!

The B&B HOTEL Châteauroux A20 l'Occitane is ideally served by the A20 motorway. Easy to access, it also allows you to quickly go to the Brenne Regional Natural Park or on the ledge of the Indre to recharge your batteries in the middle of nature. For a more urban holiday, the center of Châteauroux is only a few minutes' drive from your hotel. The journey to the airport is also quick.

If you want to stay in one of our budget hotels in Châteauroux, you can book today by checking our availability!


Visit and explore Châteauroux with B&B HOTELS

It is on the land of Déols that the Roman population was concentrated. The 10th century sees the birth of Châteauroux: Seigneur Raoul le Large has a fortress built on the left side of the Indre. This castel takes the name of “Chateau Raoul”, to which the city owes its name, in 1112. After being coveted by the English, Châteauroux suffers during the Hundred Years’ War. The town experiences a rebirth in the 18th century with the installation of the Linens Workshop and the construction of the Paris-Toulouse road. This growth continues with the arrival of the railway in 1847 and the opening of the Tobacco Factory a few years later.

Are you looking for a natural getaway near Châteauroux? La Coulée Verte Castelroussine, which connects the Ecoparc of Déols in Saint-Maur, is ideal for lovely walks. You can also go for a stroll around the lake of Belle-Isle, through the meadows of Saint-Gildas, or the Châteauroux State Forest, one of the largest oak groves in France. You will inevitably leave with beautiful holiday photos. Nearby, the Ecoparc of Chènevières and the Park of Saint-Maur will also enchant nature lovers! You will find many maps available at the reception to discover the must-sees of the region and not miss any excursion!

During your stay in Déols-Châteauroux, you will be able to admire the Château Raoul, which dominates the edge of the Indre, discover the Cordeliers Convent (built in the 13th century, it now houses part of the Ecole des Beaux-Arts) and the Hôtel Bertrand, a building constructed in the 1770s in a classical style. You can also visit the Maison des Arts et Traditions Populaires du Berry, where work of traditional folk arts of Berry are on display.
In May, the Festival de la Voix shines a spotlight on choral music. In July, it’s time for "M comme Musique", a contemporary music festival. In August, Châteauroux also comes alive with the Darc Festival, an international dance and music festival and masterclass. Classical music fans won’t want to miss the Lisztomanias of Châteauroux, in October/November.
The more athletic among you will also find joy: mini-golf, watersports center, or swimming pool will delight young and old.

Enjoy great rates and stay in one of our budget hotels in Châteauroux!