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  • Narbonne
  • 20 Jul. 202421 Jul. 2024
    20 Jul.21 Jul.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Narbonne, 2 hotels

Book a room at one of our affordable hotels in Narbonne and discover a city between land and sea. Come and explore the pristine landscapes of Narbonne while you experiencing the Mediterranean lifestyle amidst its pleasant atmosphere. Do you prefer nature or the beach? Why choose, when you can come visit the city in the South of France and stay at one of our two hotels in Narbonne.

Book your stay in a hotel in Narbonne.

Between the Mediterranean Sea and the foothills of the Corbières Maritimes, Narbonne has all the benefits of an ideal location on the coast of one of France’s most tourist-friendly regions. The city, which combines seaside pleasures with a rich heritage, delivers high doses of sunshine. Don’t hesitate, book your accommodations in Narbonne today!

Where to stay in Narbonne

Check out our best hotels in Narbonne

Ideally located, our B&B Hotel Narbonne 1 and B&B Hotel Narbonne 2 establishments are ready for your arrival, right in the vicinity of the landmarks you won’t want to miss. You will love how comfortable our rooms are: they all come with a free and unlimited Wi-Fi connection as well as a flat screen television. To ensure you spend a peaceful night, your B&B establishment has taken care to soundproof our rooms.

Need an affordable hotel in Narbonne in an ideal spot? B&B has what you’re looking for! Being near the A9 motorway means it’s easy to make a stop when you’re on a holiday trip. And being only a 5 minute drive from the Narbonne city centre makes exploring the region a breeze! Travelling with children? Head to the Regional Natural Park of Narbonne a few kilometres away. Offering comfort and an ideal location, this hotel in Narbonne has the whole package.

As a two star hotel, this accomodation in Narbonne will win over your entire family with its air-conditioned rooms designed to meet all your needs. Perfect for tourists and professionals, visiting for just one night or a whole weekend: whatever your situation, you will enjoy the absolute comfort B&B provides. This hotel in Languedoc-Roussillon is near the Narbonne city centre and the Sigean African Reserve.

What are you waiting for? Book your hotel in Narbonne today!

Our tips for visiting Narbonne

The capital of the Roman province Gallia Narbonensis (under the name Narbo Martius), Narbonne was the home of the Visigoth kings. Its position at the crossroads of the Mediterranean forged the city’s identity. Originally populated by the Elisyces, a people of Iberian origin, then by the Romans and Visigoths, Narbonne was briefly occupied by the Arabs before being attached to the Carolingian realm. At the end of the Middle Ages, the city established itself as a first-rate centre of religion and commerce. The 17th century ushered in a period of decline, before the city was revived in the 19th century, driven by the development of wine cultivation.

Explore Narbonne’s top sights

Want to unwind? You could go for a hike in the Fontfroide and La Clape Massifs, stroll along the banks of the Étang of Bages-Sigean or descend the length of the Canal de la Robine... The Regional Natural Park of Narbonne, with an exceptional richness of flora and fauna, is also an excellent setting for pleasure walks. If you like landmarks, after visiting the Archbishop’s Palace, make a stop at its adjoining garden: right in the heart of town, its collection of cedar and citrus trees is sure to make an impression.

Narbonne has a rich heritage, a testament to its two thousand year old history. Among the places not to be missed are the ancient Via Domitia, of which a portion still remains, and the Roman Horreum, a collection of underground store rooms. During your visit, you’ll also want to take in the Saint-Just-et-Saint-Pasteur Cathedral and the Archbishop’s Palace, with its blend of gothic and Roman styles. Also not to miss is the Maison des Trois Nourrices, a lovely display of Renaissance architecture. Nearby, you can admire the Fontfroide Abbey and its lovely natural setting, along with the Cistercian Grange de Fontcalvy.

Different events are held throughout the year in Narbonne: the Musiques au Présent Festival, held every July, highlighting pop, jazz, classical and electronic music; the National Amateur Theatre Festival in June and July; and the Barques en Scène Festival, in August... There’s something for all tastes!

Come visit a Mediterranean city where life is good! Soaked in sun all year long, Narbonne is as lovely in the winter as it is in the summer. Whether you’re visiting the city or simply spending the night, don’t wait to book your affordable hotel in Narbonne.