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B&B Hôtels in Dijon, 4 hotels

Easily find an affordable hotel in Dijon, and head off to explore Burgundy. The Route des Grand Crus awaits you! We have four B&B Hotels near the centre and near major roads. To enjoy the city and home comforts at affordable rates, stay in one of our B&B hotels in Dijon.

Book your stay in Dijon

Located between the Paris and Rhone basins, Dijon is known for its having once been the capital of the Burgundy Dukes. With its museums, listed monuments and the “old Dijon” or history-rich centre, there is no shortage of things to do and see in Dijon. Wait no longer, go ahead and book your accommodation in Dijon and enjoy a stay where you can recharge your batteries among lakes and mountains!

Accommodation options in Dijon

By opting for an affordable B&B Hotel in Dijon, you’ll be getting good value for money. Take advantage of the many services that guarantee you a comfortable stay for the price of an entry-level hotel. Upon arrival, you will get a personalised welcome, a parking space ready for the taking and free unlimited Wi-Fi.

Check out our best hotels in Dijon

The affordable rooms at the B&B Hôtel in Dijon offer a high level of comfort.
All rooms come with a flat-screen TV and access to lots of channels. The bed is of course super comfortable, thanks to a high-quality mattress which guarantees you a good night’s sleep. To make double sure of this, we have soundproofed the rooms so that your night is a peaceful undisturbed one. The private bathroom comprises a toilet, wash basin and shower. All you need to have a pleasant stay on a tight budget in Dijon. In the morning, you can enjoy a hearty breakfast to start your day on the right foot: a breakfast buffet featuring foods from all your favourite brands.
Are you looking for a hotel where dogs and cats are welcome? You’re in the right place! For only a few euros more, head to Dijon and share your room with your pet.

The B&B Hotel Dijon Nord is only five minutes away from the Zénith: perfect for getting to a show or performance. A trade fair? By car, the Parc des Expositions is only a few minutes away. No wasted time. Our hotel is 7 km from Dijon city centre. Go on a tour of the history-rich centre or catch a train - anything is possible! Our 2-star hotel in Dijon offers all home comforts: flat-screen TV, high-quality bedding, free unlimited Wi-Fi: it’s got everything!

The B&B Hotel Dijon Marsannay is in a very good location. Close to the city centre, it allows you to explore the city at your own pace. You’ll soon know all about the museums and history-rich centre of Dijon! The airport is 10 minutes away, and the A311 motorway is less than a kilometre away. This is your opportunity to cruise the route des vins or to go and tour Burgundy.

Our B&B Hotel Dijon Centre is a 2-star hotel. In a perfect location right in the heart of Dijon city centre, it will allow you to tour the city, or cruise the nearby famous Route des Vins for a wine tasting. With the railway station just two minutes away, those travelling by train will find our hotel in Dijon very convenient. Very close to the Gallo-Roman site of l’Escartelot and also to theabbaye de Cîteaux, our more affordable hotel in Dijon allows history fans to visit lots of points of interest.

The B&B Hotel Dijon Les Portes du Sud is a 2-star hotel: flat-screen TV, XXL shower head, high-quality beddingand free unlimited Wi-Fi, it’s got everything you need in terms of home comforts. The hotel is very easy to get to: the A311 motorway is only 2 km away from the hotel, and Dijon-Bourgogne airport is a ten-minute drive away. Close to the Zénith, the Parc des Expositions and also the centre of Dijon, this hotel is conveniently located for a wide variety of outings, for a family weekend away or an escapade among friends.

Wait no longer to book your hotel in Dijon!

Explore the city of Dijon

We know little about how Dijon came to be, as there have been no archeological digs there. The earliest signs of the area having been settled are said to date back to the neolithic era.
During the epic saga of the Grands Dukes of Occident, from 1363 to 1477, Dijon became a hotbed of art on a global scale. Subsequently and for some three centuries the city was to be shaped by parliamentarians, an era from which the Palais des États and mansions are left as relics to this day.

Things to do and see in Dijon

In Dijon there’s no shortage of ideas for walks, with parks and green spaces aplenty. With the family, you’ll enjoy the tranquility and calm setting of Parc de la Colombière, of the Jardin des 5 Roses or of the Cours du Parc, which is over a kilometre long. Head off to explore the Parc écologique de la Combe Saint Joseph, a forest park spanning 15 hectares on the edge of Dijon, featuring hiking trails, wooden hides, benches and a fountain.

For a history tour, don’t miss the famous Palais des ducs et des États de Bourgogne, which now houses the City Hall of Dijon and the museum of fine arts. Old Dijon has a great deal of old houses, stately homes and mansions, which are typical of the local style and date back to the Middle Ages. The more recent Tour Elithis is the world’s first standard-cost energy-positive office building, which has so far attracted more than 15,000 visitors.

In Dijon there’s no shortage of events - throughout the year there’s something for everyone! D’Jazz dans la ville in May, Fête du vélo and Estivade dance festivalin June - there’s always something going on! Then there are the Fêtes de la vigne in August, with wine tastings. For a giant flea market, head to the Puces Dijonnaises in October. Lastly, Les Ecrans de l’Aventure, an adventure film festival, takes place in November.

To enjoy this city’s rich culture and explore it at your own pace, book a room in one of our more affordable hotels in Dijon!