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  • Chartres Hotel B&B
  • 22/10/202123/10/2021
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Chartres, 3 hotels

Find an affordable hotel in Chartres quickly and easily, and set off to explore a city with an exceptional array of heritage sites. Located close to Paris and Chateaux of the Loire, this small city features, amongst other things, the largest aquatic complex in France. Enjoy optimal comfort and stay in one of our two B&B hotels in Chartres.

Your stay in Chartres

Located in the Centre region, the city known as the “ Capital of light and perfume” is famous the world over for its magnificent cathedral, which is adorned with stained glass windows in a translucent blue that has been passed down to posterity under name of “ Chartres blue”. Don’t delay - book your accommodation in Chartres today!

Where to stay in Chartres

Book a stay in our top hotels in Chartres

Are you looking for a hotel in Chartres? Book your stay with B&B! The B&B Hotel Chartres le Forum, B&B Hotel Chartres le Coudray and B&B Hotel Chartres Océane enjoy ideal locations. With all creative comforts, they offer perfectly equipped rooms for any type of stay.

Our B&B Hotel Chartres Le Coudray is the perfect place for a stopover on the way to Paris or Nantes. Just 200m from theA11, our hotel is comfortable and totally soundproof. Classified as a 2-star hotel, this accomodation in Chartres offers you high-quality bedding, a free, unlimited WiFi connection and a flat-screen television in each room. Nearby, you’ll find the Convention Centre, the airfield and the Bas Bourgs stadium. For visiting Chartres, you’ll appreciate being only 5 minutes away by car from the city centre.

Are you passing through Chartres? Try our B&B Hotel Chartres Le Forum! We’re only 5km away from the Bas Bourgs stadium and 4 km from the Convention Centre: our hotel is ideal for attending a match or convention. Classified as a 2-star hotel, it is located 5 minutes from the city centre of Chartres and only 200m from the A11 motorway: how very practical! And, as always at a B&B hotel, we provide a flat-screen television and free, unlimited internet connection.

Don’t wait to book your hotel in Chartres!

Things to do in Chartres

Its privileged location at the confluence of the Eure and Couesnon rivers means that it has been inhabited since Paleolithic times. After experiencing the Norman invasions, it was around the year 1000 that Chartres became a top-level intellectual and spiritual centre. A fortified site, the town was subject to many attacks. In 1584, Henri III was consecrated King of France in the Cathedral here.
In 1909, Chartres became one of the first cities to host an airfield. Bombed during the two World Wars, Chartres experienced a major economic boom starting in 1950: the city became a key centre for the Cosmetic Valley. Constructed on a rocky promontory, it grew up around its centre, now delineated by boulevards and great squares.

What to see and do in Chartres

Abounding in flora, Chartres hosts many green spaces. You can take a stroll during your stay through the André Gagnon Park, which features numerous play areas, take a walk in the Horticultural garden, which hosts rare species, enjoy a walkabout through the park on the banks of the Eure or the Bishopric’s Gardens... And be sure to plan for a visit to the Odyssée: with its 3500 m3 of water, it’s the biggest aquatic complex in France.

The city is rich in history: built in the 12th and 13th centuries, the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Chartres is registered in as part of UNESCO World Heritage. This masterpiece of Gothic art hosts magnificent stained-glass windows. Religious art connoisseurs will also want to visit the Church of Saint-Pierre.
Other must-see monuments include the Maison du Saumon, one of the most beautiful houses in the city, as well as the brilliant frescoes that adorn the walls of the Bel Air neighbourhood and the rue De Lattre de Tassigny.

Many events enliven the year here: Chartres en Parfums in May, the Fête de l'eau in June, the soirées estivales de Chartres in July/August, and more... In Autumn, the city holds the Fête de la Lumière in September, the 25th heure des villes sanctuaires and the Artisanales de Chartres in October, and the Top in Humour Festival in November. From April through October, you can admire the magnificent spectacle of Chartres en Lumières.

To attend one of these events or simply visit the city, book into one of our two affordable hotel in Chartres today!