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  • Hyères
  • 24 May 202425 May 2024
    24 May25 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Hyères, 1 hotel

Check out our affordable hotel in Hyères and take the plunge into this fantastic seaside town. Referred to as Hyères les Palmiers due to its palm trees, this town has lots of green spaces, where flowers and vines take centre stage. Mild winters and hot summers: the Mediterranean climate is many a tourist’s dream. Take your choice between green spaces and sandy beaches, and stay in our hotel in Hyères.

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Nestled on the shore of the Mediterranean, in a wooded setting, Hyères appeals to history fans as much as nature lovers. Its wonderful beaches and îles d'Or islands (Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant) offer picture postcard views bathed in sunlight. In a perfect location near the town centre, your affordable hotel in Hyères will give you a warm welcome.

Which hotel to choose in Hyères?

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With ideal transport links, the B&B Hotel Hyères features free unlimited Wi-Fi. The rooms offer all the home comforts you might need for a relaxing stay, including a TV. Food lovers are sure to enjoy the delicious sweet and savoury breakfast buffet. In a perfect location, this hotel is near all the transport links: Toulon-Hyères airport is ten minutes away,the A570 motorway less than two km away and the railway station one km away - very handy! Once at the hotel, you’ll like its location close to Hyères town centre, which is just five minutes’ walk away - perfect for exploring the town on foot. Travelling by car? This more affordable hotel is less than ten km from the Presqu’île de Giens: we recommend a visit!

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Already settled back in prehistoric times, the Hyères area was chosen by the Greeks as the location for Olbia, a fortified trading post, in the 4th century B.C. In the 11th century it grew gradually into a fortified settlement spearheaded by the Lords of Fos. In the 19th century the seaside town really came into its own. The European aristocracy would descend on it to enjoy its mild climate during the winter months. The town is very spread out and divided into several neighborhoods.

What is there to see and do in Hyères?

Hyères is a real garden city. It has many parks, among them Parc Olbius Riquier, which spans more than 70,000 m² and features more than 2,000 trees and cacti from all over the world, including an impressive palm tree collection. Parc du Castel Sainte-Claire, where subtropical plant species grow, also makes for pleasant walks. The archipelago of the îles d'Or unfurls a fantastic array of landscapes, from wild creeks to sandy beaches and from scrubland to fertile plains.

From Hyères old town full of vibrant Provençal life to the Fort de l'Estissac to the archeological site of Olbia, you’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to cultural outings. Don’t miss the famous Villa Noailles once frequented by Picasso, Man Ray, Cocteau and Giacometti, which is now the Centre d'art et d'architecture. To top it all off, head to the ruins of the medieval castle and theTour des Templiers … The rich heritage of Hyères holds many surprises.

Highlights on the town’s calendar of events include the Festival international de Mode et de Photographie in April and the Design Parade in July. Every summer, the pop rock lineup of the Midi Festival Hyères draws thousands of festival-goers. In September it’s time for the Festival national du Film d'Hyères les Palmiers and the Festival de musique.

Want a few days’ rest and relaxation in a southern French town with a perfect climate, or just want to visit this town? There are so many good reasons to book a room in our hotel in Hyères. Our affordable hotel awaits you with all the home comforts you might need.