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  • Fréjus
  • 16 Jun. 202417 Jun. 2024
    16 Jun.17 Jun.
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B&B Hotel in Fréjus, 2 hotels

Stay at our affordable hotel in Fréjus and discover one of Provence’s most beautiful cities. Located in the heart of the Côte d’Azur, Fréjus is not only a perfect vacation spot, but also a meeting place for those on business trips. Come and visit this town of art and culture by booking a room in one of our hotels in Fréjus.

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Located on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea, Fréjus is a seaside tourist resort and is classified as a Town of Art and History. Balancing tradition and modernity, Fréjus is waiting to show you its historic monuments, its city centre and to introduce you to the flavours typical of Southern France. An economic, touristic and cultural centre, Fréjus is more than just a resort town... Don’t wait any longer to come explore the city by booking your accommodations in Fréjus.

Where to stay in Fréjus?

Our best hotels in Fréjus

You have options when it comes to your hotel in Fréjus! You could book a room at our B&B Hotel Fréjus Puget-sur-Argens or our B&B Hotel Fréjus Roquebrune/Argens. At both of our comfortable establishments, everything has been thought of to ensure you have a pleasant stay: a flat screen TV in every room, free and unlimited Wi-Fi, a high-quality mattress and linens, extra-roomy shower, air-conditioning… It’s all included!

Looking for a comfortable and affordable hotel in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region? Our Fréjus Puget-sur-Argens Hotel was made for you! This hotel is very accessible, with the A8 motorway nearby. Totally private, are rooms are peaceful and quiet, perfect for getting a good night’s sleep. Want to know how to get the most out of Fréjus and the wider area? Its beaches are only 3 km away and the Fréjus city centre is conveniently only a few minutes away!

With a two-star rating, our Fréjus Roquebrune-sur-Argens Hotel is in the perfect location. Being near the Fréjus beaches makes it easy for you to relax by the sea. And if you want to discover more of the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, our hotel is only 15 minutes from the towns of Les Arcs and Draguignan, not far at all!

Book your affordable hotel in Fréjus today!

Things to do in Fréjus

Discover Fréjus and the region

The history of Fréjus goes back to Prehistoric Times. While the exact date of its founding is unknown, it was due to Julius Caesar’s desire to supplant the nearby city of Massalia. Originally called Forum Julii, Fréjus was a simple Roman city, subsequently transformed into a for artisanal and agricultural goods. In the 4th century, the diocese of Fréjus is created, becoming the second largest in France after Lyon’s. But that does not prevent the silting up of its port, followed by the decline of the city. During the Renaissance, Fréjus became a site for the production and trading of wheat, peaches and grapes, allowing the city to grow in population. You can discover this 2,000-year-old history as you stroll around the centre of Fréjus.

If you want to take a walk or just take a break, theFréjus beaches are the perfect spot to do so: more than six kilometres long and covered in white sand, they provide a truly relaxing setting. Le Fréjus Zoo is spread across 16 hectares and is home to 600 animals: come and be amazed by its over 100 species! If you want a breath of fresh air, the Massif de l’Esterel is the place for you! This volcanic mountain range culminates in the 618 metre peak of Mont Vinaigre, overlooking the town of Fréjus: get going!

Fréjus has several historic and religious monuments. The Archaeology Museum houses the Hermès Bicéphale, a statue discovered during an archaeological dig in 1970 that is now the symbol of the city. The Roman Ampitheatre, also called the Arènes de Fréjus, is open to the public. Built in the 1st century, it is officially classified as a historic monument. Don’t miss the Roman Aqueduct, the Cocteau Chapel and the Museum of the Marine Corps either.

Lots of events take place throughout the year in Fréjus. In January, there is the Festival du Court Métrage showcasing short films, leading to the Carnival in February, then the Wine Festival in May and the Grape Festival in August. For sports lovers, don’t miss the Fête du Nautisme in May to get you water sports fix, the bullfights of the Féria de la Côte d’Azur in August, the Roc d’Azur mountain bike event in September or the International Air Festival in October. At the end of summer, the Salon de l’Automobile car show is held in September, then the Home & Décoration Salon in November.

With so many events happening throughout the year in Fréjus, there’s sure to be one that overlaps with your visit! Don’t wait another second to book a room in one of our affordable hotels in Fréjus!