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Which restaurant in the Park Disneyland® Paris will suit you best?

When spending a weekend at the Walt Disney® Studios and Disneyland® Paris parks, you have numerous dinner options from American style to continental cuisine. Of course, guests staying at any affordable B&B Hotels know that their stay comes with complimentary WiFi as well as breakfast, ensuring a great start to their stay whatever the season. In addition, the B&B Hotel close to the amusement park at Disneyland® offers an evening menu for dinners, so you don't need to look for a place after a long day of fun. If you need a restaurant in the main theme park village itself or do not mind eating outside of it, we have your back.

From buffet to gourmet restaurants at the Disneyland® Park and in-betweens

Restaurants with buffets can be found in several locations at Disneyland. For example, the Hunter's Grill and Beaver Creek Tavern has an all-you-can-eat buffet that will suit all tastes since it serves international cuisine. Inventions, a classy restaurant that overlooks Main Street, provides characters dinners with plenty of dishes inspired by classic European and North American cuisine. For table service, head to King Ludwig's Castle and have ladies feel like Cinderella during the ball or other princesses or for a spicy Mexican meal, how about La Cantina, another popular option for lunch?

For those of you who want to quickly get back to fun after eating, why not go to a café or a bistrot for an authentic ambience that even Mickey Mouse would enjoy ? Maps indicate where you can enjoy a different sort of relaxed light bite or even a fast food option. Planet Hollywood can serve you a delicious burger at your table, or for a more classic and speedy option , there is McDonald's.

Head out to Chez Remy if you want to enjoy some typical bistrot-like meals. And if you want some quintessentially English dining, then make a booking at Toad Hall where you can obtain some tasty fish and chips. You can also find an interesting option at the Colonel Hathi’s PIzza Outpost : a Jungle Book themed restaurant that serves Italian meals, how original!

Enjoy comfort at your B&B Disneyland® Paris hotel restaurant

After enjoying the numerous attractions the Disneyland® Paris parks offer during the day, you might want to have a quiet and relaxing time for dinner. Take the shuttle bus for a delicious meal in the evening in your B&B hotel restaurant before going to take a rest for your second day of fun! Take a sit in the large dining room that offers a friendly atmosphere or, during the warmer nights, on the relaxing patio. You can order fresh salads, some cheesy pizza, pastas, burgers and more! Eat as much as you want, your room is only a few steps away.

Staying in our B&B hotel for your Disneyland® getaway is a great solution for comfort and the building of great memories.