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Advice for visiting Disneyland® Paris in France without your car

Many people from France and neighbouring countries drive to Disneyland® Paris which often means queuing for one of the big parking lots and their usually high prices. There is often little capacity most times of the year and some spaces are not in close proximity to the main place. Therefore there might be a considerable walk before you can start to enjoy your time at the attractions. Another solution is to go to Disneyland® Paris with a Shuttle bus. What do you need to know to guarantee to fully enjoy the magic of your visit?

Going to Disneyland® Paris

As the only Disneyland® theme park in Europe, Disneyland® Paris attracts thousands of overseas visitors. That is why you can take the Magical Shuttle from Paris’ Orly or Charles de Gaulle airport directly to the park or to your B&B HOTEL près de Disneyland® Paris and to the amusement parks. Booking your tickets in advance online or by phone avoid last minute inconvenience but charges can apply. With the new system of receiving an electronic voucher before travelling, you can show it to the driver when boarding on the bus and relax until you arrive. Moreover, it is best to enquire in advance if you have certain mobility issues.

For those willing to use public transport, you can take the RER A regional train to the Marne la Vallée - Chessy RER station, a solution that will have you save money. If you come from one of the airports, you will need to go to the center of Paris first to reach the good train.

Want to stay in a hotel near Disneyland® with shuttle bus transfers?

When staying in an affordable hotel, you would not expect much quality in the included services. However, throughout Europe and the world, B&B HOTELS offer comfort at reasonable prices. For a thrilling stay in France, choosing our hotel that is located close to the Walt Disney® Studios and Disneyland® parks, as well as the Disney® village will get you an amazing experience. You will be able to go to the Disney® park easily with our free-of-charge B&B HOTELS's shuttle. Catch it from the reception desk every twenty minutes and use the service exclusively along with other guests. With the Disneyland Paris hotel restaurant serving breakfast and dinner, you can start and end the day peacefully, not worrying about finding a place to eat or queueing for a long time. All you will have to think about will be the next attraction you will need to try. And when the time comes to go home, the shuttle bus can take you close to the Marne-la-Vallée train station. If you need to catch the plane, you can proceed like on your arrival : either take the regional trains or take the Magical shuttle.