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What can you expect of a two-night stay at Disneyland® Paris?

To fully enjoy your time at the Disneyland® theme park, you need find hotels close to it as it is a great place for a weekend break. B&B Hotels offer visitors convenient access to the attraction park during the daytime while providing a superb base at night for exploring the wider area, all at affordable prices for young and old alike. Don’t hesitate and book a room in our B&B Hotel at Disneyland® Paris with our free shuttle to Disneyland Park! Read on to find out how to enjoy your weekend period and sprinkle magic in your heart.

Attractions at Walt Disney® Studios amusement Park

Whether you buy a ticket or plan to redeem a gift card, spending at least a day in Disneyland® Paris during your weekend is highly recommended with family or friends. Younger visitors will be enthralled by the fairy-tale characters and daily shows put on by their favourites like Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse or Frozen. An adult may be more excited by the Star Wars rides and excellent restaurants in the park. The attractions and the atmosphere captivate visitors at any time of year but provides an especially magic world of exploration during the Christmas time. In short, any visit in the area really ought to include at least one day spent at Disneyland. But you can get even more when travelling to this part of France as it guarantees a wider cultural experience than which the park offers. It’s the perfect idea for family holidays.

Other things on the map to do nearby

Any visit to Disneyland® Paris will be enhanced with some of the excellent shopping facilities in the area. There are two major shopping villages close to Disneyland. First, Val d’Europe is a shopping mall not far from the park which has another major attraction, Sea Life, an amazing aquarium to show you numerous sea animals. Then there is the luxury shopping village of La Vallée Village which has over a hundred different name-brand and luxury boutiques to help you develop your Parisian. Keep your eyes open, you can always benefit from discounts on the luxury items. As you can see, there's a lot to see around Disney. Of course, this close to the capital of France, you need to make a personal visit to Paris. To start discovering the unrivalled shopping, dining and music scenes that Paris offers requires very little effort. It is only half an hour on the train from Disneyland® to the centre of the city and departures run frequently so there is no hanging around – an important factor when you only have a couple of days at your disposal, of course. If you want to stay more days in the French Capital and discover all monuments or famous areas, book a room in one of our B&B Hotels in Paris.