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What to do around Disneyland® Paris area

The Disneyland® Paris parks brings thousands of people every year from all over the world as they allow anyone to enjoy a fairy atmosphere with the themed attractions and decors, beautiful shops, shows and rides. Located half an hour from Paris city center served by the Marne la Vallée Chessy train station, you can enjoy so much more than the amusement park around. Getting to choose the B&B Hotel at Disneyland® Paris as your accommodation is the best option you will find in a quality-price ratio as it is ideally positioned for the A4 trunk road as well as the railway station to hang around. It is so easy to find what to do around Disney. What are some of the visitor highlights in this part of France?

Cultural activities to do with a family close to Park Disney

France is very rich in terms of history sites and if you are looking for what to do around the Disney® parks, you have a wide range of choice in terms of history and culture. Walt Disney® Studios may be the major attraction in the region but there are numerous activities to entertain your little visitors, family and friends. Yes, the Disney® village may have a castle with a fairy-tale tower but you will also be able to visit a real and amazing castle : the Fontainebleau Palace, situated just to the southeast of the city of Paris, in just an hour ride. It will fire children's imaginations as well as providing a relaxing atmosphere for all in its elegantly maintained gardens. Another must-do is the famous Chateau de Versailles, built by the Sun King, Louis XIV : appreciate the precious decorations, the Hall of Mirrors and the wonderfully geometrical gardens, offering a glance at the luxury tastes of the King and French elegance.

For closer options, it is possible visit the Champs-sur-Marne charming castle or the Paris Farm, both are only 30 minutes away from your B&B accommodation and even closer from the parks.

Other fun activities you can do around Disneyland® Paris parks

A few steps from the train station of Marne-la-Vallée with its 3 B&B Hotels, the Val d'Europe shopping mall that is situated on a 20-minute walk from the amusement parks where you can enjoy boutiques, superb restaurants and even a big aquarium. There is even a high-quality cinema, known as Studio 31, situated there, too. But if you are more on a high-end style, find outlet designer stores in the open mall La Vallée Village and treat yourself with a luxury item in a discount price.

Alternatively, if you want to spend your time enjoying the outdoors For Day Time Fun, how about Golf Disneyland® which offers a choice of three nine-hole courses for you to try your hand at?

For those needing more action, another magical attraction is the enigmatic Mind Trap, a live escape game that will have you solve puzzles in order to free your party. This attraction is to be found just to the south of the main parks of Disneyland® Paris and will have a thrilling effect on your group.