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B&B HOTELS : holidays and week-ends in family in France

Enjoy our family rooms for three or four guests, and share the B&B HOTEL experience with your loved ones. 

France is a charming and exciting place for holidays. There are plenty of attractions and activities for all ages, so it is an ideal choice for a family holiday.

Dad snores, Mum reads...

... and the kids kick up a fuss! In our hotels, rooms for up to four guests mean that you can spend a pleasant evening together as a family.

If you stay with a child up to 3 years old, you can put a cot-bed in the room. 

Will you watch a cartoon on a kids’ channel or a football match on the flat screen TV with the full range of French digital terrestrial TV channels? It depends who can grab the remote first! 

Do your teenagers need to stay online? 
Free WiFi access means that they can stay in touch with their friends. And in the morning, the icing on the cake: a full breakfast buffet at an affordable price.

Even your cat or dog is welcome to stay with you for €6/night

Build unforgettable memories with your loved ones

Whether you choose the beautiful Paris city, the countryside, or somewhere by the sea, a trip to France is the discovery of a rich culture and heritage, more than enough to keep everyone occupied for a weekend or longer. Our hotels are close to public transport so usually you'll find a bus, a metro or a train station nearby, enabling you to easily plan your holiday itinerary.

Choose one of our numerous hotels in the country and enjoy numerous outdoor activities. Spend time walking or riding, playing sports like tennis, spend leisurely hours laying on the grass or in the local church place, soaking up the atmosphere, letting the kids run free.

Or you can opt instead for a seaside location and spend lazy days on the beach sunbathing while the kids play in the sand. The bigger resort towns will offer plenty of ideas for making the most of the water. Snorkel in the ocean to discover marine life or learn to water-ski. Try your hand at windsurfing or have a fabulous banana boat ride.

If entertaining the children is your primary concern, you might want to take them to have a splash at the extraordinary Aquaboulevard swimming pool, or offer them the ultimate gift : take them to the Disneyland Paris park. To enjoy your stay, book a room in our B&B HOTEL près de Disneyland® Paris. You will enjoy a comfortable room, a few minutes away from the parks. But don’t get confused, you will have just as much fun as them!

Enjoy authentic French culture

If you want to really immerse yourself in the French experience, check out our french hotels in the large towns and cities. Whether you stay in the heart of the stunning capital, the food Mecca of Lyon, or the wine capital of Bordeaux, you'll find everything you desire to quench your thirst for culture … museums, art, architecture, music.

Oh and one last thing – the food. French food has an unrivalled reputation and you'll find plenty of great venues for meals wherever you choose to stay. Our B&B HOTELS in Bretagne and Marseille present terrific opportunities to sample regional food, while hotels in the cities will call to you if fine dining is on your menu.

France may be just a short hop from home, but it is a world apart. Our affordable B&B HOTELS put that world right on your doorstep when you choose us for your holidays.