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  • Saint-Martin-de-Crau
  • 15 Jun. 202416 Jun. 2024
    15 Jun.16 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, 1 hotel

A business trip or a tourist stay in Saint-Martin-de-Crau, in the Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur region? Need to find a shelter solution that is both economical and practical?

Come to B&B HOTELS and choose the room that will become your home during your stay!

Cheap hotel in Saint-Martin-de-Crau

Discover without further delay our B&B HOTEL Saint-Martin-de-Crau Alpilles Camargue!

65 rooms with a capacity ranging from 2 to 4 people (family rooms), modern and equipped with quality made-to-measure bedding and air conditioning. With their sober and modern design, each of our rooms offers its private bathroom.

Close to the urban centers of Arles or even Nîmes, our hotel is less than 40 minutes by car from Marseille-Provence airport and 850 meters from Saint-Martin-de-Crau train station.


- our free outdoor private parking accessible to long vehicles,
- a free and unlimited wi-fi connection,
- and our all-you-can-eat buffet breakfast service,
focus on the essentials and trust us for the rest!

The Camargue and the Alpilles: a favorite stay! 

Far from the hubbub of the cities, treat yourself to a nature break by staying in Saint-Martin-de-Crau. The city is at the gates of the richest and most preserved of the western Mediterranean nature reserves: the Camargue!

Discover and visit Saint-Martin-de-Crau

Located halfway between the sea and the Alpilles massif, Saint-Martin-de-Crau is an ideal destination for a tourist stay in the Bouches du Rhône department. You can discover a town in the heart of natural landscapes typical of Provence: pebble desert, green meadows, marshes and groves at the foot of the Alpilles. 

Did you know that the city is one of the only steppe ecozones in Europe? This particularity impacts the fauna, flora and climate of Crau, thus giving its landscapes their exceptional singularities. Contemplation and amazement guaranteed!

If we get closer to the coast, the shores of the sea tinted with the pink of the flamingos are visible. Wild and fragile, discover this natural park with a complex balance between the human activities that take place there and the preservation of the species that can be seen there.

It’s an exceptional setting that welcomes you in a calm environment conducive to dreaming and strolling.

Heritage and festivities

The opportunity to discover the many farmhouses which punctuate the fields where breeders of horses and bulls mix: the Camargue traditions, as well as the huts of guardians are revealed to you!

No need to remind you that this is also the opportunity to make a getaway in the heart of one of the most famous cities of the reserve: Saintes Maries de la Mer. Its many alleys and its large enclosures promise to make a good contribution to the history of Provence.

On the occasion of the many events which punctuate the life of Saint-Martin-de-Crau, you will find the spring festival which marks the beginning of the transhumance departures where the Carreto ramado causes a sensation.
Or Pastrage, a tradition dear to Saint Martinites who are keen to make it last.
And don’t forget the bullfighting festivals at the nearby Arles arenas, which draw many “olés” from spectators.


Do you think Saint-Martin-de-Crau is worth a visit? Book your room at the B&B HOTEL Saint-Martin-de-Crau Alpilles Camargue without delay and benefit from our best rates now.