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  • Herblay
  • 24 May 202425 May 2024
    24 May25 May
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Herblay, 1 hotel

Our affordable B&B Hotel in Herblay has a large choice of rooms to suit your every need. It is located just a few metres from the many shops in the Patte d’Oie d’Herblay shopping centre, just outside Herblay, offering the perfect place to get some relaxed, retail therapy close to Paris. This large area of commercial activity can be found along the RN14 truck route, running parallel with the A15 motorway. Many bars and restaurants surround our B&B Hotel Herblay, making it an ideal place to stay. Find out more about our large choice of hotel rooms and book your stay in Herblay. Whether it is for business or pleasure, B&B Hotel Herblay has what you need:

Book your hotel in Herblay with B&B HOTELS

Book an affordable hotel in Herblay. Are you spending a few days in Herblay for a business trip or a short break? Be sure to find the offer that suits you best with our single rooms, double rooms and even family rooms for up to four people. By staying at B&B Hôtel Herblay you will enjoy the comfort of a modern room at an affordable price. Not forgetting a warm, friendly welcome, free unlimited WiFi, a flat screen TV, soundproofed rooms, available parking spaces, an en-suite and all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet. You can also bring your pet as cats and dogs are welcome at our B&B Hotels. Don’t delay, book your affordable room in Herblay now.

Your stay in Herblay

Herblay is the capital of the Val d’Oise region. This former winemaking area is located on the right bank of the Seine just 20km from Paris. It is to the south of Pierrelaye, the west of Montigny-Lès-Cormeilles and the east of Eragny, to name just a few. Two centuries ago, Herblay’s economy was based on wine making as well as the mining of stone quarries.
Herblay is of ancient origin that dates back to the conquering of Gaul by the Romans, which has left its mark on the architecture on its central street corners that were honoured in the 18th century. The current Town Hall, acquired by the commune in 1938, was once part of a much larger domain known as ‘Château de l’Abbeville’.

If you are staying in Herblay for a few days and would like to leave the comfort of your affordable hotel room, B&B Hotels would suggest a walk along the Seine to enjoy the peace and quiet and local charm. The town is blessed with fields and natural spaces that cover 35% of its area. So the only difficult decision is where to go for a touch of fresh air.

The town of Herblay is proud of its church. The Saint-Martin Church overlooks the Seine. Standing in its shadow, you can enjoy a breathtaking view. If you are spending a few days in our hotel in Herblay, why not have a look around? You won’t regret it. This church is a classified historical monument and is open every day.

Would you like to go see a dance performance, play or concert during your stay in Herblay? We would suggest looking at the programme from the Espace André Malraux, which is a group belonging to the Town Hall that unites the commune’s Conservatoire de Musique, Youth Service and Department of Cultural Affairs.

Adults and children alike will love relaxing at the Grands Bains Leisure Centre, where the many pools are available to both swimming enthusiasts and families looking for a fun way to spend the day.