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  • Les Herbiers
  • 23 Apr. 202424 Apr. 2024
    23 Apr.24 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Les Herbiers, 1 hotel

Organise an affordable stay in Puy du Fou in the city of Les Herbiers.

Are you looking for a good plan for your visit to Puy du Fou in 2018? The city of Les Herbiers is the perfect for an affordable stay at an amusement and leisure centre.

Sleep in an affordable hotel near Puy du Fou

Staying close to Puy du Fou in the city of Les Herbiers is a great plan for your accommodation. Book a room now in our B&B HOTEL Les Herbiers to make the most of our attractive prices and visit Puy du Fou on a budget!

Distance between Les Herbiers and Puy du Fou

The commune of Les Herbiers is just 10k from the theme park, which takes just 15 minutes by car.

Getting from Les Herbiers to Puy du Fou

The route is quick and simple; follow the A road and then get directly onto the D11 to get to your destination.

Plan your route to Puy du Fou

How to get to Puy du Fou from Les Herbiers

Take the car, as free on-site parking is available.

Puy du Fou opening hours

The park is open from 9.30am or 10:00am until 7:30pm, 9:00pm or 10:00pm, depending on the season. More information about opening times is available on the official website.

Where to have lunch or dinner on a budget in Puy du Fou?

There are many restaurants to choose from in the heart of the park, to suit all budgets, from €6 to €40 per person. Opt for fast food for more affordable prices: crêpes, préfou, sandwiches and more for lunch on a budget. There are also picnic areas available for use, so feel free to prepare your own food. For dinner, why not head back to Les Herbiers and eat in one of the restaurants in the city that suits your budget.

Plan your route to Puy du Fou

There are lots of tips to help organise your stay at Puy du Fou. Firstly, plan to arrive as soon as the park opens to avoid crowds as much as possible and make the most of the day. Download the programme online and make sure you have the park map the day before your visit. Finally, if you want to go to all of the activities and shows, be sure to stay at the park for two days.

Offers and promotions for cheaper entry

Greats offers and deals are available on the official Puy du Fou website. Make sure to check them out before buying your tickets.

Organise a stay in an affordable hotel in Vendée in B&B Les Herbiers

Are you looking for a romantic getaway or family holiday in Vendée?

The Les Herbiers commune is located just a few hours from Paris, Bordeaux and Rennes. It’s a great place to stay for an affordable trip in Vendée!

Don’t delay and book a room today in B&B Hotel Les Herbiers.

What to do in Les Herbiers?

If you are staying in the city, enjoy some more unusual activities such as visiting the country’s last active windmill, Moulin des Alouettes. For just €3 per person, it’s a truly affordable trip. Visit the Savonnerie des Collines soap factory, where they produce and sell vegetable soap made from donkey’s milk. It’s free to visit and you can buy products onsite. Also plan a visit to the Brasserie le Grand Zig and discover how artisanal beer is brewed!

Go out around Les Herbiers

To fill up your evening, you could head to “Le Grand Ecran” cinema or have fun at the Pierre Barouh theatre, and see plays, concerts and shows. If you prefer a sportier activities, try bowling at Funbowling in Les Herbiers.