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  • Pézenas
  • 05 Mar. 202406 Mar. 2024
    05 Mar.06 Mar.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Pézenas, 1 hotel

Are you looking to book a room in an affordable hotel in Pézenas, whilst benefiting from high-quality facilities and services? Discover our B&B accommodations. We offer delicious breakfasts, free, unlimited Wi-Fi, private car parks for greater practicality, and more. Enjoy these services and discover the rich diversity of the region during your stay in our hotel, which is ideally located near the main roads.

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Nestled between the Mediterranean and the valley of the Hérault in Languedoc-Roussillon, Pézenas is known as the ‘ Little Versailles of the Languedoc‘. The historic centre of the ancient capital of the States of the Languedoc hosts an exceptional array of truly well-preserved heritage, which you’ll discover during your stay: your accommodation in Pézenas is an excellent place to stay for visiting the town and exploring the region.

Where to stay in Pézenas

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Perfectly located, the B&B Hotel Pézenas offers a wide range of air-conditioned rooms. All are equipped with flat-screen television featuring a multitude of channels and free, unlimited Wi-Fi access. You can quickly and easily reach the nearest points of interest by taking the A75, located just a few hundred metres from our hotelRejoignez aisément les centres d’intérêt les plus proches en empruntant l’A75, située à quelques centaines de mètres de notre hôtel. Book your affordable hotel in Pézenas today!

Discover the city of Pézenas with B&B HOTELS

Pézenas’ origins date back to ancient Roman times. It was during the Middle Ages that the town became prosperous. It became part of the royal domain in 1262 and became renowned for its fairs: a certain mercantile appeal made Pézenas a first-rate economic centre up until the 19th century. As capital of the Estates of Languedoc, the town strengthened its role as a political centre by regularly hosting the “Etats Généraux” consultations. The history of Pézenas is also closely linked to Molière, who sojourned in the town on numerous occasions.

The magnificent landscapes of the Hérault plain are ideal for lovely family walks. Nature lovers will stroll through the garrigues of Aumes and of Saint-Pons-de-Mauchiens, and will be able to plan for a hike all the way to the Baumes volcano.

The town centre hosts an exceptional array of medieval heritage sites. During your stay in Pézenas, you can also visit the International Toy Museum, admire the pottery collection of the Musée de Vulliod-Saint-Germain, discover theunusual Musée de la Porte, or explore the Musée Boby Lapointe, named after this denizen of the region. Fans of religious art will head out to discover the Collégiale Saint-Jean de Pézenas. And to find out all there is to know about soapmaking, walk through the doors of the Pézenas artisanal soapmaking factory!

Each summer, the Estivales de Pézenas offer a chance to discover the great wines of this ‘terroir’, with a musical backdrop. Several times a year, the ‘Poulain’, the totem animal of this town, registered as part of the Oral and Immaterial Heritage at the UNESCO, parades through the streets of Pézenas. Other major events include the Carnival and the Molière Theatre Festival in all its glory, which takes place in June.