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  • Perpignan Hotel B&B
  • 20/08/202221/08/2022
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Perpignan, 4 hotels

Book a room at one of our affordable hotels in Perpignan, and take a break in the sun. Surrounded by the Pyrenees and around ten kilometres from the Mediterranean, Perpignan enjoys the perfect location. Come visit a city influenced by Catalan culture, and relax in one of our hotels in Perpignan.

Book your stay in a hotel in Perpignan.

Located in Languedoc-Roussillon, Perpignan the Catalan city hosts a rich variety of heritage sites. The former capital of the kings of Majorca, the city is marked by a certain Spanish heritage. Book your accommodation in Perpignan today!

Which hotel to choose in Perpignan

Discover our top hotels in the Perpignan region

Three hotels welcome you in Perpignan: the B&B Hotel Perpignan Nord Aéroport, the B&B Hotel Perpignan Sud Marché International and the B&B Hotel Perpignan Sud Porte d'Espagne. Ideally located, these properties await you with a warm welcome. Calm and with all creature comforts, rooms are all equipped with a free, unlimited Wi-Fi connection, air conditioning, and a flat-screen television.

On the way to Spain? Take a break and book a room in our B&B Hotel Perpignan Sud Porte d'Espagne. Just near the A9 motorway that takes you to Spain, our hotel offers a tranquil night’s rest, in a room with all creature comforts. Holidaymakers will appreciate having the city centre of Perpignan just 7 kilometres away from the hotel. And finally, theUniversity of Perpignan Via Domitia is just a few minutes away: this is truly practical if you’re visiting friends or your children who are students.

Our B&B Hotel Perpignan Nord Aéroport is just a few minutes away from thePerpignan-Rivesaltes airport, a real benefit for those who are taking a flight. On the road to Spain, our affordable hotel is on your way, with the A9 motorway nearby. You’ll appreciate the presence of a shopping centre nearby, perfect for taking a break before you set off. Our comfortable, spacious rooms are sure to delight!

Want to discover Perpignan and its surrounding area? Our B&B Hotel Perpignan Sud Marché International is just a few minutes away from the city centre: perfect for a stroll. You can head to the Castillet or to the Palais des Rois de Majorque, both just a stone’s throw from our affordable hotel. Ultra-accessible, this two-star hotel is 4km from the Perpignan main rail station, 12km from the Perpignan Rivesaltes airport, and just near the A9: you’d be hard-pressed to do better!

Don’t wait to book your room in our affordable hotel in Perpignan with B&B HOTELS!

Set off to discover Perpignan with B&B HOTELS

This area was populated by the Sordes, an Iberian people, in ancient times. The Romans built the oppidum of Ruscino the east of the city. Perpignan was officially mentioned in writing as of the year 927. As the capital of Roussillon, the town grew rapidly. In 1172, Perpignan became part of the realm of Aragon. Between 1276 and 1344, the city lived a golden age: it was the continental capital of the kingdom of Majorca. Hit hard by the plague in 1346, the city rose up against the French in the following century. It became a stronghold of the Spanish monarchy, and imposing ramparts were constructed. In 1659, Perpignan was annexed to the French realm.

The top activities and things to see in Perpignan

The city of Perpignan hosts numerous green spaces, perfect for pleasant relaxation between sightseeing jaunts. During your stay, you can take a walk through the Parc de la Pépinière, so tranquil and pleasant, or stroll through the exotic gardens of the Digue d’Orry, which extends over more than 13 000 m2 and includes over 200 botanical species. The Bois des Chênes, the Villa des Tilleuls or the Parc Saint Vicens are also truly prized green spaces for walks over a weekend with family or friends.

The city has a riche religious heritage. During your stay in Perpignan, you can visit the Church o the Dominicans; the Campo Santo and the Chapelle de la Funeraria, which is located in the shadow of the Cathedral of Saint Jean-Baptiste; the Church of Saint Jacques; Saint Jean le Vieux, the city’s most ancient church, Notre-Dame des Anges; the Convent of the Minimes... The city also possesses an interesting civil and military heritage, as seen in the Casa Xanxo (16th century), the Castillet, the fort of Serrat d'en-Vaquer, the Palace of the Kings of Majorca or the Loge de la mer.

Many events are held throughout the year in Perpignan: in April, the Sacred Music Festival attracts music lovers each year. In July, the best carillonneurs in Europe arrive to participate in the International Carillon Festival of Perpignan. Photojournalism is in the spotlight in September, with the Visa Pour l’Image Festival. In September/October, the Festival Jazzèbre enlivens the streets of the city!

Treat yourself to a little well-deserved break in the South of France, and enjoy a city where life is good, by booking into one of our affordable hotels in Perpignan.