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  • Calais
  • 16 May 202417 May 2024
    16 May17 May
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B&B HOTELS in Calais, 5 hotels

Our hotels in Calais

Let's explore the North now, and stay in one of our budget hotels in Calais. You will be able to visit this city with its diverse heritage and strategic location. Calais is the first French city to have a link with England, it is very popular because of Eurostar's service and it's large port. If you want to enjoy a well-deserved rest, choose our B&B HOTELS; we make sure that all travelers feel comfortable, so book your room now!

Book your hotel in Calais

Located on the coast of the Pas-de-Calais, the city of Calais is perfectly placed between Paris, London, and Northwestern Europe. Born from the sea, since the opening of the Channel Tunnel and the creation of the Eurostar, it has become the capital of the Transmanche. For your accommodation in Calais, book a room in one of the city's B&B HOTELS ! We have reserved for you a selection of activity ideas adapted to your budget!

Select an establishment on the map now or discover them below.

Where to stay in Calais?

Book your stopover in our hotels in Calais now : B&B HOTEL Calais Centre Saint Pierre, B&B HOTEL Calais Coquelles Tunnel sous la Manche, our B&B HOTEL Calais Terminal Cité de l'Europe 2 étoiles, Calais Terminal Cité de l'Europe 3 étoiles and of course our B&B HOTEL Calais Calais Terminal Cité de l'Europe 4 étoiles
Our hotels in Calais offer you all the comfort you need at the best price:

  • Comfortable single or double room with air conditioning 
  • A private bathroom
  • High speed WiFi access 
  • Parking for your vehicle
  • A hearty breakfast with a wide choice of products: coffee, tea, fruit juice, pastries, cheeses, etc.
  • A large number of cafés and restaurants nearby

Regardless the reason of your stay ( business trip, romantic weekend, family vacation...), our low-cost hotels in Calais have an ideal geographical location. Only few steps from the sea, and offer single, double, or family rooms adapted to your needs. All rooms are air-conditioned and come equipped with a flat-screen television and a free WiFi connection.  

Choose our best hotels in Calais

Do you want to enjoy the city center of Calais? Our B&B HOTEL Calais Centre Saint Pierre, rated 2 stars and highly rated on TripAdvisor, is ideally located in the heart of the city. You will be able to enjoy the city's monuments such as the belfry or the citadel of Calais dating from the 16th century. Do not hesitate to leave your car at the hotel parking! If you’re looking to visit the Saint-Pierre district or walk along the beaches of Calais, nothing could be better.
The other significant advantage of our B&B HOTEL in the center of Calais: its proximity to the A16 motorway, the Channel Tunnel is 2 minutes away by car, the Calais SNCF train station and the ferry to England are nearby
Do you have to catch a plane at Calais-Dunkirk airport? Our hotel located in the north of Calais is ideal for your stopovers at a low price! So you can enjoy a good night's sleep in our establishments before you board your flight.
Do you want to take the ferry, the train or take advantage of the Eurotunnel to get to the United Kingdom? Take your ticket and spend the night in our hotels in Calais! 
Our B&B HOTEL Calais Coquelles Channel Tunnel is ideally located near the Eurotunnel terminal. 

Book now your room in one of our starred hotels and enjoy the best rates. Our three other establishments are also close to the Eurotunnel and Eurostar as well as the port of Calais. 
Benefit from our 2-star B&B HOTEL Calais Terminal Cité de l'Europe 2 étoiles near the Eurotunnel Cité Europe shopping center which will welcomes you at any time of the day or night. 
The 3-star B&B HOTEL Calais Terminal Cité de l'Europe 3 étoiles and its restaurant allow you to spend an invigorating night before you leave for a London trip.     
The 4-star B&B HOTEL Calais Terminal Cité de l'Europe 4 étoiles and its spacious rooms of 30 m2 or its fitness room await you for a refreshing night in Calais. 

Our establishments allow you to rest before crossing the Channel.  

Located near the Beau Marais train station and the A16 motorway, these hotels are perfectly located. Do you want to discover Calais? The city center and the beaches are just a 5-minute drive away ! You will appreciate the proximity of many restaurants to spend a pleasant moment, and many bars to enjoy the pub atmosphere around a pool table for example.
Book your affordable hotel in Calais today!

Visit the city of Calais

The last French port, the city faces the English coast and is today at the forefront for travelers wishing to go across the Channel, whether by ferry, car or train. With its beautiful coastline, it is a destination of choice for people wishing to discover the North of France for a weekend, or even for a longer stay!

Calais, which was nothing more than a small fishing village until the early Middle Ages, experienced major growth starting in 997 under the patronage of the Count of Flanders. The city was fortified in the 13th century and became English in 1360. It wasn’t until 1558 that it became French once again. The economic prosperity of the much-coveted city of Calais suffered due to war. Under the Restoration, the city launched into the lace business and this resulted in building the celebrity of Calais in the eyes of the whole world. Calais was reconstructed after being severely damaged during World War I and II. You can discover the history of Calais during the war at the War Museum, located on Boulevard Jacquard.

Discover Calais and its surroundings

The site of the two capes Cap Blanc-Nez and Cap Gris-Nez is definetely worth a visit, both are surrounded by cliffs that rise up to 134 m high. Cap Gris-Nez is even classified as a natural area of ecological, wildlife, and floral interest. The landscapes, which stretch along 23 kilometers of the coast, are breathtakingly beautiful. From the coastline you can enjoy a magnificent view of the mountains of the Boulonnais. You can also enjoy your stay to stroll along the beaches of Calais and Sangatte Blériot. Have you thought of renting a bike to explore the landscapes of the region, worthy of the most beautiful photos and videos?

Calais is home to a beautiful heritage: you will discover during your weekend the town hall of Flemish Renaissance style, the Notre-Dame church, unique in France thanks to its English perpendicular style, whose bell tower is located in the center of the building. Damaged several times by the war and by bombings, the church is a listed historical monument. In Calais, you can also admire the fortifications designed by Vauban, the Watchtower and the Place d'Armes near the rue Jean Quehen, or the famous statue of the 6 Burghers by Rodin in front of the city's belfry.

Many cultural, sports and musical events are organized throughout the year in Calais and the region, such as the Musica Nigella Festival on the Opal Coast, which takes place every year in May. In April, the Beautiful Swamp Blues Festival takes over the city for a week. The Violons Chants du Monde festival takes place in May, shining a light on travel and discovery. Don't miss the beautiful programs offered by the various theaters, of which the Channel, which has been awarded the "national stage" label, has a great seating capacity. Don't wait: get a ticket and enjoy a dance, music or theater show to occupy your evening in Calais.

For a one-night stay before travelling on to England, for a business trip or simply to discover the city of Calais, our hotel is perfect for you! Enjoy true comfort at a low price by booking your stay in our hotels in Calais today.