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  • Alès
  • 23 Feb. 202424 Feb. 2024
    23 Feb.24 Feb.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotels in Alès, 1 hotel

Are you looking for an affordable hotel in Alès? B&B Hotels offers high quality rooms at low prices: have a pleasant stay without breaking the bank!

Affordable hotel in Alès

By booking through B&B Hotels, you will have access to:

  • Free, unlimited Wi-Fi
  • Friendly staff who are happy to help
  • A sweet and savoury breakfast buffet, to ensure there is something for everyone
  • A hotel with free parking for visitors who don’t want to waste time and energy finding a place to park 
  • A hotel that accepts pets: dogs and cats are allowed in your room at B&B Hotels (for an additional fee)

When you choose a room in our B&B Hotel in Alès, you are choosing comfort:

  • Choose the room that best fits your needs: a 1-person room for solo travellers, 2-person room for couples or even a 4-person room for families and groups.
  • All our rooms are furnished with high quality mattresses to ensure you get a good night’s sleep.
  • They are also air conditioned.
  • Each room comes with a flat-screen television on which you can watch numerous channels (including major sports channels).
  • All of the hotel’s rooms are soundproofed to ensure you have a quiet, restful night.
  • A private bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower: everything you need.

Our B&B Hotel Alès - Pôle Mécanique

 Our B&B Hotel Alès - Pôle Mécanique is perfectly situated between three B roads: it’s impossible to miss! The hotel, not far from the Pont du Gard, has a 165-hectare athletic park very nearby, which is sure to delight children and adults alike. For thrill-seekers, the Pôle Mécanique is just a few hundred metres away: try their race tracks and go-karting!

Don’t delay—book your affordable hotel in Alès today!

History and Town Planning

The city has been inhabited since the year 5000 B.C. During the Gallo-Roman period Alès was a fortified city on the border of independent Gaul and Transalpine Gaul (which belonged to the Roman Empire): this unique situation allowed it to develop significant trade. 
In the 17th century the city, a stronghold of the Protestant resistance, was attacked by Louis XIII. During the 18th century, the silk industry developed, the city grew and the coal mines were opened. The next hundred years marked the industrialisation of the Alès basin.

Where to enjoy a walk

Feel like exploring the parks of Alès? With 240 different varieties of bamboo on its 16 hectares, the Bambouseraie will delight both children and adults. For a nice walk in the Cévennes, various guides can help you find the kind of hike you’re looking for: from picturesque paths to the Viganais landscapes, sumptuous views await you. The Parc des Cordeliers, the Balade des Quatre Fleurs and the Gardon d'Alès are so many parks and promenades where you can get in touch with nature.


In turns the city of silk, of coal and of foundries, Alès invites you to explore its rich cultural heritage. Lovers of modern art will be won over by the Musée Pierre-André Benoit with its large number of contemporary works (paintings, engravings and drawings) by famous artists (including Picasso, Miro, Hugo and Braque). The Musée du Colombier displays archaeological pieces dating back to the Middle Paleolithical period. You can learn more about both the fine arts and archaeology during your stay! Don’t miss La Mine Témoin d’Alès, a mining site that is completely open to the public and offers a retrospective on the mining industry in Alès.


There’s no risk of being bored in Alès! Starting in March, the city hosts the Festival Cinéma d'Alès Itinérances, during which more than 200 films are screened in the city’s 6 theatres—an event attended by some 45,000 spectators. In April, it’s time for the Festival de la Meuh Folle, with a variety of pop music concerts. On Holy Thursday, the Arènes du Tempéras host Spanish and Camargue-style bullfighting and a corrida, bringing in more than 3000 people each year. In July, the Semaine des Fous Chantants d'Alès and the Festival d'Arts de Rue Cratère Surface celebrate the warm weather.

Whether you are travelling for work or for a holiday, alone or with a group, treat yourself to a comfortable stay in a brand new hotel—book a room in our hotel in Alès today!