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For travelers with corporate contract
  • Perigueux Hotel B&B
  • 26/05/202227/05/2022
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B Hotel in Perigueux, 1 hotel

Enjoy your stay in a hotel in Périgueux to discover the city and its surrounding area. For a business stay or a holiday, enjoy an affordable accommodation just a few kilometers from the center of Périgueux with unlimited, free broadband Wi-Fi, as well as a delicious breakfast, and private car park…Don’t wait any longer to book your room!

Discover Périgueux

Located in the northeast part of the Aquitaine region, at the very heart of the Périgord, Périgueux is a city that’s perfect for both cultural tourism and a jaunt through nature. From its architectural heritage to its cultural events, and its multitude of hiking trails and green spaces, the city of Périgueux offers an ideal holiday setting, whatever the purpose of your stay. Don’t hesitate, book your accommodation in Périgueux today!

Where should I book my hotel in Périgueux?

Perfectly accessible, close to the Périgueux Bassillac airport, the B&B Hotel Périgueux Boulazac welcomes you just a stone’s throw from the must-see monuments. To meet all your needs, this property offers a wide selection of truly comfortable, perfectly equipped rooms. Don’t wait to book your hotel in Périgueux with B&B!

Discover the city of Périgueux

Inhabited since prehistoric times, this site saw the foundation of its first town, Vesunna, in Roman times. The town became a powerful fortified city before being destroyed around 410 during the Barbarian invasions. Toward the end of the 10th century, Périgueux grew up around the market town of Puy-Saint-Front. Power remained in the hands of the bishopric until the 13th century. The town continued to grow during the Renaissance and became a commercial centre, before being strongly affected by the religious wars. In 1813, Périgueux merged with the neighboring municipality of Saint-Martin. It then experienced major population growth and established its industrial development through metallurgy.

Treat yourself to a nature break between sightseeing jaunts! You could, in particular, walk along the green pathway that runs along the Isle, or wander through the Jardin des Arènes, the Jardin de Vésone, which hosts a magnificent variety of trees, the Parc de la Source , or the Parc Gamenson.

A city full of art and history, Périgueux is host to a rich variety of heritage sites. During your stay, you can discover the magnificent Saint-Front Cathedral, registered as part of the UNESCO World Heritage sites, along with the Paths of Saint-Jacques de Compostelle, admire the tower of Vésone, the Château Barrière, the Mataguerre tower, the Maisons des Quais, the vestiges of the Roman amphitheater, the Church of Saint-Etienne de la Cité... You can also visit the Périgord Museum of Art and Archaeology, the Military Museum, and the Vesunna Gallo-Roman Museum.

Year-round, Périgueux lives and breathes at the rhythm of numerous events. In May, be there for the great traditional Fêtes de Saint-Georges. In July/August, Francophone song is in the spotlight with the Concours de la Truffe d'Argent. In August, we have the Mimos, the Périgueux mime festival. In September, let’s meet up at the Périgueux Fair and Exhibition, which offers events and talks.