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  • Saint-Malo
  • 03 Mar. 202404 Mar. 2024
    03 Mar.04 Mar.
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Need a comfortable hotel near Dinard and Saint-Malo? Book a room at our B&B Hotel Saint-Malo Sud! The perfect starting point for a walk along the banks of the Rance river, it also makes it easy to visit the Grand Aquarium, 5 minutes away by car. Peaceful and located near a commercial area with restaurants, a petrol station and a bank, our budget hotel in Saint-Malo is a 2-star hotel.

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La founding of Saint-Malo dates back to the 12th century. Ravaged by a fire in 1661, its architecture is a testament to Vauban and Garangeau’s vast undertaking to expand and transform the city. Navigators and traders also contributed significantly to the city’s standing and prosperity, in particular during the 17th and 18th centuries. Some buildings still bear the marks of their influence. Destroyed during the Second World War, today the port has regained its splendour.

Visit the Corsair City

For a scenic walk, head to the ramparts that completely surround Saint-Malo, providing an unobstructed view of the Corsair City. Stretching over 1.75 km, the best time to take this walk is during high tide, for a breathtaking view of the coastline.
From there, entre the old town, following in the footsteps of a young Châteaubriand, who lived at No. 2 of the square that now bears his name. Go admire the stained glass windows of the Saint-Vincent Cathedral before heading back to the hotel by way of the shipowners’ quarter. Take advantage of your weekend to visit Saint-Malo’s Grand Aquarium.

While visiting Saint-Malo for a family weekend or on a business trip, there’s no lack of museum or sites to visit. The sculpted rocks of Abbé Fouré, the national fort built by Vauban and Garangeau, the one on the Petit Bé island and the 39/45 Memorial are all not to be missed, while the 39/45 Museum and the one dedicated to the city’s history will round out your visit.

For your stay, the city of Saint Malo has a top-tier line-up of events on offer. It begins in January with the Sainte-Ouine, a funfair at the foot of the ramparts, followed by two editions (summer/winter) of the legendary festival La Route du Rock. In April, it’s time for the “Saint-Malo à la Hune” boat show, followed in May by the Etonnants Voyageurs (Amazing Travellers) International Book & Film Festival. On July 9th, come see the arrival of the Tour de France. Not to mention the Route du Rhum and the Transat Québec/Saint-Malo every four years.

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