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  • Maubeuge
  • 13 Apr. 202414 Apr. 2024
    13 Apr.14 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
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B&B HOTELS in Maubeuge, 2 hotels

Stay in one of our B&B HOTELS in Maubeuge and spend a few days in Northern France! Close to Lille and Douai, Maubeuge is home to many impressive historic sites, buildings and monuments from different eras. Look no further for accommodation solutions, our budget hotels in Maubeuge are waiting to welcome you for a personalized stay!

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Located in the heart of the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region, Maubeuge boasts a highly attractive geographical position, bathed by the banks of the Sambre river, and close to the city of Lille. As the first "gateway city" to the Avesnois Regional Nature Park, Maubeuge is constantly seeking to reinvent itself in order to offer its residents more than just a pleasant living environment. Looking for accommodation in Maubeuge? Our B&B HOTELS in Maubeuge welcome you with open arms!

Where to stay in Maubeuge?

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Looking for a hotel with free Wi-Fi in Maubeuge? There's no shortage of choice!

Book a room in our B&B HOTEL in Maubeuge-Louvroil, south of Maubeuge and its city center. This comfortable hotel has equipped all its rooms with quality bedding, but also with flat-screen TV (offering a range of general-interest and/or specialty channels), free unlimited Wi-Fi access and air-conditioning. We’ve thought of everything, so you don’t have to.

Our hotel in Maubeuge-Louvroil is ideally located, just a few minutes from the Hautmont train station: convenient for those traveling by train! Travelling by car? We are just a few hundred metres from the N2 trunk road. Just 4 km from the city centre, our hotel is the perfect base for exploring the Fortifications of Vauban, which will delight both adults and children alike. Maubeuge Zoo is also only 5 km away and another great way to spend an unforgettable day. Many restaurants are accessible from your room within 10 minutes

For those who wish to stay in the city center, our B&B HOTEL Maubeuge Gare awaits you. Accessible 24/7, our team offers you 90 rooms just 200 meters from the Maubeuge train station and the Ociné movie theatre. In addition to our ideal location (less than 50 km from the Belgian cities of Mons and Charleroi and the towns of Valenciennes and Lille), you'll enjoy our bar and snack services at all times upon arrival. For business trips, our team can provide a meeting or conference room for up to 50 people. Have a specific request? Contact our team who will accompany you and prepare your arrival. 

Like all our B&B HOTELS in Haut-de-France, our hotels in Maubeuge have a private bathroom and offer parking facilities. Private or public parking, no need to worry, B&B HOTELS makes it easy for you on the road to your vacation near the Belgian borders!  

Please note that to meet the needs of our customers, we accept pets in our hotels. Convenient to travel with "the whole family"! A surcharge will be requested when booking on our website. 

Make your reservation now in one of our hotels in Maubeuge and spend a restful night as comfortable as at home!

Your stay in Maubeuge

The first indication of this city dates back to around 256 AD, after the Franks arrived in the region. The name Maubeuge came about in the 15th century. In the Middle Ages, it was known for its expanding textile industry. Vast ramparts were built, with six gates and 22 watchtowers across three kilometres. However, this didn’t stop the city being pillaged more than 20 times! It was only in 1678 that Maubeuge officially became part of France again thanks to the signing of the Treaty of Nijmegen.. Heavily affected by the Second World War, more than 90% of Maubeuge’s historic centre was destroyed by fires.

What to see and do in Maubeuge?

Maubeuge Zoo is waiting to welcome you! The 7-hectare park is home to more than 300 animals of 60 popular species, making it the ideal place to spend a day out with friends or family. For another spot of nature, relax and take in the surroundings at the Petit Bois or Parc du Tilleul public gardens that surround the city center. The Sambre River and Etang Monier lakes are popular with anglers or those looking for a peaceful place to relax. To truly immerse yourself in nature, visit Avesnois Regional Natural Park, which spreads across almost 125,000 hectares.

When in Maubeuge, it is impossible to ignore the Fortifications of Vauban. You will feel like you’ve taken a step back in time whilst admiring these well preserved ramparts. To find out more, visit the Corps de Garde museum that recounts the city’s military history. Bavay’s archeological site and museum and Sars-Poterie’s glasswork museum also showcase elements of the area’s cultural heritage, making them worth the detour.

In May, join in the collective street celebrations with thousands of others who come to watch the Jean Mabuse parade of the many different regional groups and societies. At the end of June and beginning of July, the Manège theatre presents the Folies de Maubeuge, with a collection of exhibits, street performances and concerts. At the beginning of August, the Nuits Secrètes festival takes over. It is one of the most popular current music festivals in the north of France with almost 50,000 people attending over the course of its 3 days. An excellent opportunity for socializing and musical enjoyment, and one we highly recommend.

Whether you're coming for business or a family weekend, discover a dynamic, lively city at any time of year by booking a hotel in Maubeuge at the best rates with B&B HOTELS.