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  • Argenteuil
  • 19 Jun. 202420 Jun. 2024
    19 Jun.20 Jun.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

B&B HOTELS in Argenteuil, 1 hotel

B&B HOTELS in Argenteuil

Would you like to stay close to Paris while keeping away from the hustle and bustle? Our B&B HOTEL Argenteuil can offer the compromise you are looking for.

Discover the cultural richness of Argenteuil

Located about ten kilometers from Paris and to the east of Bezons, in the Val d'Oise department (95), Argenteuil has a remarkable cultural heritage thanks to its sites of historical interest, including the Basilica of Saint Denys and the Château du Marais.

Enjoy a stay in the town that rocked the Impressionist pictorial current and soak up the ambiance that inspired Claude Monet on the banks of the Seine.

Lovers of historical monuments will also be enchanted by their detours to the Saint-Jean-Baptiste chapel, more than ten centuries old, and the covered alley of the Deserts, classified as a historical monument in 1943.

Another place that has crossed the ages is the Château du Marais. Built at the end of the eighteenth century, it promises a change of scenery and a journey into the history of France; take a beautiful walk in its park spanning 40 hectares, where you can admire a grotto or stroll through a French garden, typical of its time.

For lovers of the great outdoors, the Parc des Buttes du Parisis, spread over more than 450 hectares, is a must see, with its unique and breathtaking view of the city that gives full meaning to the capital of France’s famous nickname, the City of Light. To take full advantage of it, we advise you to go there in the evening, for the last walk of the day.

If you visit Argenteuil and participate in the town’s many events, you won’t have time to get bored. Indeed, the town has the custom of celebrating music throughout the month of June, including a carnival, nature-themed walks and, of course, concerts, all held over three weekends.

Bretons who are homesick or lovers of Celtic culture will also enjoy the Paris Breizh festival in September; they will be able to taste specialties from the land where only half-salted butter is authentic.

Stay in our hotel at the best rates

Close to the energy of the French capital, our B&B HOTEL Argenteuil is here to welcome you for a reinvigorating stay. The establishment, located in the center of town, has an enclosed and secure car park: relax and watch TV or surf the internet via our free WiFi, accessible from your room.

Whether you’re traveling alone, as a couple or in a group of three or four people, we can offer you the best rates in one of our 120 rooms at our three-star hotel. Don't forget the most important meal of the day and enjoy our all-you-can-eat breakfast buffet.

Stick to your own schedule without worrying about the availability of your room once you’ve booked: our hotel reception is open continuously and there will always be someone on hand to welcome you or assist you if need be.

Your next vacation awaits you. So, what are you waiting for? Make your reservation on!

How to get to B&B HOTEL Argenteuil

The location of the hotel is also ideal, given that it is just over 2 kilometers from the train station and about twenty kilometers from Roissy Charles De Gaulle airport, located north of Villepinte and accessible via the A86 in just under 40 minutes.

From Paris, you can also get to the B&B HOTEL Argenteuil by taking the A86 if you’re traveling in your own car. You can reach your room in an hour's drive for a well-deserved rest after a long day spent meeting your professional contacts at a trade fair or strolling through the city’s streets.

Located in Argenteuil on the banks of the Seine, the hotel is within reach of everything you need if you want to enjoy the city’s many shops or go out to a restaurant.