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Our e-charging stations in hotels

New: E-charging stations for your electric car

At B&B HOTELS, we are committed to a green future and are pleased to announce that we now offer a charging station for electric cars directly at the hotel for some of our hotels. In cooperation with the providers ChargeOne by Heinemann, Spark Charging Solutions and N-Ergie, we enable environmentally conscious travellers to conveniently charge their electric vehicle during their stay. Your hotel will be happy to tell you which provider is represented there. This initiative is part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection.

In future, we will provide over 1,500 charging points at more than 150 hotels. The charging network will be accessible to our guests and every driver of an electric vehicle. 


Are the car parks accessible 24/7?
Depending on the hotel's opening hours, you may need to coordinate with the hotel of your choice in advance. You can reach them by phone.
How much do the car parks cost?
Some hotels charge car park fees. Payment for charging is made cashless at the charging station. The conditions of the respective provider apply to charging. You can charge via the charging cards or apps you use and find out about the respective conditions there. Please note: Every provider charges blocking fees after a few hours! We have no influence on this. To avoid unnecessary costs, you can move your vehicle to a free parking space after charging.
Can the parking spaces be reserved?
Please contact the hotel of your choice by e-mail or telephone.
What do I do if the charging station malfunctions?
Our hotels are not the direct operators of the charging stations. However, you are welcome to contact our employees or contact the partner hotline directly.
How do I charge my car?
Our partners will provide you with instructions on site.
Does the hotel provide accessories?
No, each driver must carry their own standardised connection cable. The hotel does not provide charging cables.