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Brussels-Central station: how to get there and what to do in the surrounding area?

Brussels-Central station is a major stopping-off point for travellers visiting the Belgian capital. And for good reason! This transit point is right in the heart of Brussels, close to many shops, museums and other popular attractions! So exactly how do you get there from the airport and other tourist towns in Belgium? Let's have a look at this below.


Brussels-Central station (Station Brussel-Centraal)*, a key crossing point in the capital



A brief historical background

The history of this Brussels station began in the 1930s. Its design was initially entrusted to the very famous architect Victor Horta, whom you're sure to hear about on your visit to Brussels. The construction project was later led by Maxime Brunfaut, another renowned Belgian architect and town planner. The station was finally inaugurated in 1952. Today, it is also an underground station!

A strategic location

More commonly known as "Gare Centrale", Brussels-Central station truly lives up to its name! It is located at the junction of Carrefour de l'Europe, Putterie and Boulevard de l'Impératrice. A strategic triangle right in the centre of Brussels, close to the tourist districts! Brussels' magnificent Grand-Place is just a 5-minute walk away, as are the Saint-Hubert Royal Galleries and other emblematic buildings of the national heritage. And don't miss the Comic Strip Museum, also just a few minutes' walk from the station.

A further distance , just 3 minutes from Bruxelles-Central, is the Mont des Arts. This leads straight to a number of places to visit, including :

  • the Royal Library
  • the Music Museum 
  • the Magritte Museum
  • the Place Royale 
  • the Royal Palace (the King's administrative residence)
  • and the Royal Museums of Fine Arts...

So it's more than likely that you'll pass by Central Station or at least catch a glimpse of it during a visit to Brussels.



How to get to Central Station from Brussels airport (Zaventem)?



The SNCB (Belgian National Railway Company) has thought of everything to make it easier for travellers to get to the capital!

On weekdays, a train runs every 10 minutes or so between Brussels Airport and the city centre.

The journey between Brussels Airport - Zaventem and Brussels-Central station takes just twenty minutes.



Brussels-Central, to or from the main towns around Brussels

You have more than a weekend to dedicate to your Belgian getaway? Take the time to explore more of this beautiful country, since it's not just the capital that deserves your attention... You could, for example, visit Bruges, nicknamed the "Venice of the North". One day can be enough to visit this pretty Flemish city.

Other towns in Wallonia and Flanders such as Namur, Liege, Antwerp, Waterloo and Ghent are also well worth a visit! Belgium is a relatively small country, so there's plenty to do around Brussels, even if you're just making a day trip there and back.

Direct trains run every hour, several times an hour, from Brussels-Central to the neighbouring major cities, and vice versa. Practical, isn't it? To buy your ticket, you can go directly to the station or book online on the SNCB website, "". Don't forget to ask about day passes!




    When visiting Namur, don't miss:

    • The citadel
    • Namur Castle
    • The old town
    • Saint-Aubain Cathedral



    A must-see when visiting Antwerp:


    A must when visiting Ghent:

    • A boat trip on the canals
    • Castle of the Counts of Flanders
    • St Bavo's Cathedral
    • The Belfry
    • St Nicolas Church
    • The Graslei and Korenlei quays

    Speaking of you, which city will you be visiting from Brussels-Central station?


    Whether it's a family trip or a stay for two in Brussels (or any other major Belgian city), B&B HOTELS is there to help you! We offer quality rooms at reasonable prices in our hotels in Belgium.


    Feel free to read our pages in addition to this one: 



    *in Dutch