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Things to do in Brussels: the must-sees

Are you planning a stay in the Belgian capital? B&B HOTELS welcomes you, your partner or your whole family to Brussels for a weekend or more. Enjoy a comfortable establishment at a reasonable price before conquering the city. From the famous Grand-Place to the most beautiful museums and sites, discover the 10 must-sees and things to do in Brussels!



1. Grand-Place: a must-see place on your visit to Brussels

A UNESCO World Heritage Sitethe Grand-Place is a cobbled square renowned for its impressive 17th-century architectural ensemble. Its dozens of magnificent buildings oscillate between Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance styles.

Among them are some emblematic monuments: the town hall and its belfry, the Maison du Roi and the Maison des Corporations. It's impossible to miss this architectural masterpiece, considered by Victor Hugo to be the most beautiful square in the world.


2. The Galeries royales Saint-Hubert: a monument steeped in his history

The Saint-Hubert Galleries, built by architect Jean-Pierre Cluysenaar in 1847, were the first shopping arcades in Europe. Covered in glass arcades that let the light through, they are a remarkable aesthetic feature and a source of pride for the people of Brussels.

This magical place right in the centre of the Belgian capital is divided into three zones. The Queen's, King's and Princes' Galleries are home to luxury shops showcasing the Plat Pays.


3.Manneken-Pis: the symbol of Brussels

Visiting Brussels without passing Manneken-Pis would be like going to Paris without seeing the Eiffel Tower: inconceivable! Just a few steps from the Grand-Place, you can admire this legendary statuette of a little boy urinating.

According to tradition, the boy is dressed in a costume. A major sightseeing spot, this mischievous fifty-centimetre statue attracts many visitors.

Did you know that there is also a female version: the Jeanneke-Pis?


4. Museums to visit in Brussels, a city of art and history



As a city of culture, Brussels boasts a considerable number of museums. Contemplate the surrealist works of the artist Magritte in an 18th-century neoclassical palace. Discover the great Flemish painters in the Royal Museums of Fine Arts.

Visit the interactive museum of musical instruments from all eras in the Old England building. Are you a comic book fan? Head for the Comic Strip Museum, featuring Tintin in a sumptuous Art Nouveau building designed by Victor Horta.


5.The Atomium: Brussels' iconic tourist attraction

Built in 1958 for the Brussels Universal Exhibition, this immense 102-metre-high atom is well worth a visit.

The Atomium enchants visitors with its panoramic view over the whole city and its surreal stroll through its oblique spheres. Both an emblem of Belgium and a cultural centre, it presents exhibitions all year round.


6. Mini-Europe: a miniature trip across Europe

Near the Atomium, visit the Mini-Europe model park. This park features 1:25 scale reproductions of Europe's greatest monuments and symbols. 80 cities are on display. Take advantage of this two-hour walk to (re)discover the European Union, its history, its cultures and its values.

A series of interactive games will take you on a journey through space. Whether you're a couple or a family, this is a fun tourist attraction not to be missed.



7. The Royal Palace in Brussels: seat of the constitutional monarchy

The royal district is home to a prestigious palace, formerly the official residence of the King of the Belgians, and now his working place. It is open to the public free of charge every summer, from 21 July until September.

Visitors enter this beautiful neo-Louis XVI building. A half-hour tour takes you through the Grande Antichambre, the Hall of Mirrors, the Salon Cobourg and the Grande Galerie.


8. The Parlamentarium: the European Parliament

Take a behind-the-scenes look at the European Parliament during your visit to Brussels! Let us take you on a high-tech, fun tour of how this institution works.

Find out more about European politics, decision-making, the role of MEPs and the major events that have shaped the continent. The visit to the Parlamentarium, in the European Quarter, is free and suitable for all ages.


9. The capital's finest green spaces



Brussels abounds in parks and gardens lined with trees. For an outdoor stroll with the family or a romantic picnic for two, head for the famous Parc du Cinquantenaire. It is famed for its arcades offering uninterrupted views over the city and for being the venue for numerous cultural events.

The Parc Laeken features French-style landscaping, with endless lawns, winding paths, groves and flowerbeds. Unusual as it may seem, on the edge of Parc Laeken, a Japanese tower stands out in the landscape: an exceptional monument to see!
We conclude our walk in the Mont des Arts garden. Set below the Place Royale, it forms a spectacular green transition between the upper and lower parts of the city.



10. The must-try Belgian gastronomy

After all those visits, you deserve a little gourmet break! To tantalise your taste buds, try the culinary specialities of Wallonia and Flanders. To start with, enjoy a traditional beer accompanied by a cone of Belgian chips. Then try the gastronomic classics:

  • chicory-based recipe called Chicon ;
  • a mixed green eels ( with aromatic herbs) ;
  • the stoemp (mashed potatoes mixed with other vegetables).

For dessert, visit a local and traditional chocolatier's workshop or enjoy a delicious sugar waffle.
With so many activities to get done, you'll definitely be needing a good night's rest. B&B HOTELS in Brussels is eagerly awaiting your arrival. Don't hesitate to contact us!

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