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Our hotels in Belgium are fully accessible

Making it easier for people with reduced mobility to stay in our Belgian hotels. 

In order to provide the best possible experience for all travelers, our network of hotels in Belgium offers rooms adapted to meet the needs of people with reduced mobility. You may proceed to booking your reduced mobility room directly through our website or by getting in touch with our hotel managers.

We offer special hospitality and a staff at your entire disposal to facilitate your arrival at our Belgian hotels. 

Parking spaces reserved for people with disabilities are located in the immediate vicinity of our hotels in Brussels. It’s the perfect way to fully enjoy the city, also equipped to meet your needs and ensure that you don’t miss a thing in this effervescent European capital!

With our staff present 24/7 at our hotels in Ghent, Antwerp, Hasselt and Liège, you can get settled into your room quickly and easily.

For all our hotel configurations, we’ve rethought our exterior routes by arranging them in such a way as to guarantee maximum accessibility.

To answer all your questions or ensure your safety, our reception desks and common areas are suitable for everyone, and are regularly disinfected.

A tactile terminal is also available to allow you to consult the timetables of trains, transport or even current exhibitions and key places that deserve to be discovered and visited.

Rooms adapted to people with disabilities at B&B HOTELS

We provide all that is needed to accommodate People with Reduced Mobility (PRM) or people with motor disabilities in our establishments: we offer rooms with adjoining bathrooms featuring all the necessary facilities and equipment so that you can come and refresh yourself. with no difficulty getting around. Our walk-in showers have a shower seat and transfer bars to give our guests more autonomy.

Facilities are set up so that all travelers may use them and feel comfortable: light switches, electrical outlets, reading lights, etc.

As soon as you wake up, enjoy a full breakfast offered on a self-service basis in our hotels. You can also have your breakfast to take away or directly to your room. Contact the hotel to find out about the options available to you as well as the various sanitary measures in force. In our common spaces, you can enjoy fully accessible seating areas to meet up with friends, colleagues, or family.

Need more information? Contact the teams at our hotels in Belgium without further delay and find our best offers.