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How to get to Brussels city centre from the Brussels airport?

Every year, over 19 million passengers pass through the terminals at Brussels Airport (BRU). This year, it will be you, accompanied by your family or partner! You'll be landing in Zaventem, 12 km north-east of the Belgian capital. Before taking over Brussels, admiring the Manneken-Pis, enjoying a cold beer or relaxing in one of our B&B HOTELS, you'll need to get to the city centre. We've got 5 options you can choose from!


1. A chauffeur-driven private transfer service: a hassle-free way to get to the heart of the city


Service de transfert - meilleurs moyens de rejoindre Bruxelles depuis l'aéroport | B&B HOTELS

To join the centre of Brussels easily and smoothly, opt for a private transfer service from Brussels Airport to our hotel.

At the agreed time, a driver will meet you at the arrival terminal.

There's no need to hunt for hours for taxi, train or bus stops. The driver will take you to your destination for a fixed fare of €47 or slightly more for a minibus (8 seats). The journey will take around 20 minutes. 

You can book this private transfer service online, and arrive in Belgium with complete peace of mind.

You can also choose the vehicle in advance, depending on the number of passengers and/or suitcases. It's a time-saving and practical solution, especially for family trips to Brussels.



2. Taxis: a premium, comfortable option for the airport-Brussels journey


Le taxi pour rejoindre Bruxelles depuis l'aéroport | B&B HOTELS

In the same spirit, choose a taxi to take you directly to the reception area of your accommodation, or even to the location of your activities if you can't wait to discover the capital!

The average cost of a taxi to the city centre is more or less the same as a private transfer. It may vary slightly, as the fare is calculated using a distance-based taximeter. 

Brussels taxis are available 24/7. You can find them parked in a queue outside the arrivals hall.

You'll recognise them by their number plate beginning with T- and the blue-yellow symbol on the front of the vehicle. For peace of mind, book your journey and give your driver your flight number. He will then be aware of any delays and will be able to collect you on time. As soon as your plane lands, he'll be there to welcome you.


3. The train: a quick and affordable way to get to central Brussels


Le train pour rejoindre Bruxelles depuis l'aéroport | B&B HOTELS

A faster and cheaper alternative to the car? The SNCB network. In just 17 minutes, you'll be on the famous Grand-Place!

A direct train, available almost 24 hours a day, links BRU airport with the centre.

Brussels-Central station is located on level -1 under the departures and arrivals halls.

Tickets cost between €9 and €15, depending on the day of the week. Children under 12 travel free of charge.
You can buy your tickets from one of the station's ticket machines, or online (remember to print them out on paper) to avoid queuing. Then go to the platform, following the signs for Brussel-Centraal. As Zaventem is in the Flemish Region, trains are signposted in Dutch. If you plan to continue your stay in Brussels as a couple in neighbouring towns, get the KeyCard for a cheaper fare per journey.


4. The bus: reasonably priced transport to the European quarter or the city centre


Le bus pour rejoindre Bruxelles depuis l'aéroport | B&B HOTELS

If your budget is a bit tight, the cheapest option is to take the bus. This journey will cost you just €3 one way.

From the airport's main terminal, hop on the public transport of your choice, which is accessible to people with reduced mobility.

Journey time is between 30 and 40 minutes.

You will have to buy your tickets from the driver, so make sure you have some change with you. This option is recommended for people without a lot of luggage, because of the limited space in the vehicle. Remember to check the bus timetable before you arrive in the Belgian capital!


5. The car: the ideal alternative for travelling freely from Brussels Airport


La voiture pour rejoindre Bruxelles depuis l'aéroport - B&B HOTELS

Would you like to explore the Plat Pays, its capital and the surrounding area at your leisure? Hire a car from one of the many companies available at the airport (near the arrivals hall)! We recommend that you book the vehicle of your choice in advance: city cars, saloons, SUVs, etc. The rental agencies will offer you packages based on a daily rate.
On-street parking spaces are often overcrowded from 7am. Try your luck in the nearby car parks.

Transfers to destinations beyond Brussels

Have you planned a visit to Brussels over a few days, and would you like to discover other major Belgian cities: Bruges, Antwerp, Liege...? Or maybe you'd like to take a city trip across Europe, starting with the Plat Pays, then on to Lisbon, Milan or Madrid? Thanks to Brussels' public transport and connections, links to the neighbouring European countries are easy. The same goes for those arriving from Charleroi airport!

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