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Activities for the whole family in France

Finding activities to satisfy all your children is not an easy thing to do when you are preparing your vacations, that's why we want to make it easier for you. Between good plans and must-dos, find below our selection of activities that should please the whole family. Whether you decide to go close to the region of Brittany, to the border of Germany or in our beautiful capital, follow the guide.




The cultural offer of the City of Light is as varied as there are tastes out in nature. A real headache when it comes to satisfying your little ones who never stop asking you when the ride is over, right?

The days will never be long enough for them if you take them to one of the many theme parks such as Disneyland® Paris or Parc Astérix®.

What more can be said about the Eiffel Tower ? Everybody has heard of it, yet it still impresses young and old alike. Whether you want to climb it or simply admire it up close, it is one of the most popular attractions in the world, and therefore a must-see during your family trip to Paris.

As for shows, the café-theater Le Double Fond, located in the 4th arrondissement, offers demonstrations of magic tricks, followed by workshops for the most interested.


Thirsty for adventure? Go in search of the Phantom of the Opera in a sumptuous setting with the game experience at the Opéra Garnier.

Parks and gardens lovers will appreciate the green transition between the Louvre pyramid and the Champs-Elysées avenue as they cross the Tuileries garden.

For an overall view of the city, the Montparnasse Tower offers you to go to its top and enjoy a 360° panorama.

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The city of the Dukes offers enough activities to fill your weekend, and much more.


Classified as a historical monument in 1840, the castle belonged to the king of France, François II, then to his heiress the duchess Anne de Bretagne who also became queen of France. The castle of the Dukes of Brittany reveals its secrets in its museum divided into several major axes of the city's history.

A change of scenery is guaranteed in the north of the island of Nantes with its gallery of giant animals made of metal and wood. The Machines of the island transport you in a world of which you are the adventurer. You will meet a 12 meters high elephant that will take you for a half-hour ride as well as a carousel of sea monsters.

Speaking of fantastic sea creatures, the Jules Verne Museum will put your imagination to work by helping you discover or rediscover the charm of adventure in all its forms, whether it takes place on land, in the air or at the bottom of the ocean.


Your children will certainly take great pleasure in admiring the sculptures and other plant creations in the city's plant garden. Meanwhile, you can enjoy the calm and green spaces of one of the four largest botanical gardens in France.

When hunger strikes, head to the Bouffay district to eat in a medieval setting that is the charm of old Nantes. Then, head to the banks of the Loire to contemplate the Buren rings, a modern art form composed of 18 rings lined up and offering a new perspective on the city. We recommend that you go there at dusk to fully enjoy the colorful halos reflected in the water.

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Dive into the heart of the mix of cultures that makes the city of Strasbourg unique.

This European crossroads located in Alsace and bordering Germany takes advantage of its location to showcase all its cultural richness.

Among the must-see things to discover in Strasbourg, the Notre-Dame cathedral certainly comes out on top. Its massive architecture is dotted with details that would take days to capture completely. A tour inside will allow you to admire the work of art that is the astronomical clock. The clock comes to life every day at 12:30 pm thanks to a system of automatons that present a spiritual spectacle not to be missed.

Opposite the cathedral, the majestic Kammerzell House will easily catch your eye. A typical Alsatian half-timbered house, it was classified as a historical monument in 1929. We advise you to go inside because, in addition to being a delight for the eyes, your taste buds will be solicited by the many dishes of the restaurant established there.

Because of its almost anachronistic aspect in the heart of this city that has kept its medieval charm, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art offers several exhibitions. Its galleries can be discovered one after the other along a large glass nave, bathing the place in a pleasant luminosity when the weather allows it.


Finally, don't miss the Petite France district in the heart of Strasbourg. This district, classified as a Unesco World Heritage Site, is worth a visit and is full of restaurants that take advantage of this picturesque setting to offer you particularly pleasant views. A detour to the covered bridges at the western end of the district will bring this passage to a close in the most beautiful way.

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