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Sustainability at B&B HOTELS

Sustainability is a topic very close to our hearts, which is why we have launched ecologically oriented initiatives to make a positive contribution to environmental protection.


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SOS-Kinderdorf Donation

Through the so-called Green Button Service, our customers can forego their room cleaning, and in return we donate 1€ per cleaning saved.


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Start your day with our delicious breakfast. Our buffet is freshly prepared every morning, and guarantees you a balanced and healthy start to the day. For only 10.50 € we offer you a wide selection of fresh fruit, pastries, cold cuts, cheese, yogurt, bread and much more. 


Become a member of the B&B HOTELS CLUB and enjoy many benefits for only 39€. Now you can also enjoy your club benefits in the neighbor country Austria.




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Give your loved ones a very special treat with our B&B vouchers. Redeemable in one of over 120 B&B hotels throughout Germany, Get ready for your next city trip


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Frankfurt am Main

Frankfurt am Main

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