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Discover the online check-in for your B&B HOTELS accommodation

Getting to your room in record time is easy!

B&B HOTELS' online check-in makes your life easier. This simple, efficient and free service ensures that our guests receive the number and code to access their room on the same day of their stay. This way, after a long day, you don't have to check in at the reception desk, but you can go directly to your room in complete comfort.

Would you like to use this service? Then you can simply select it when booking on the website or via the mobile app.

How does the whole thing work?

  1. You will receive an invitation to check-in online via email 48 hours before the scheduled arrival day.
  2. Click on the link provided (this is also available in the booking confirmation email, as well as in your account). 
    Even if you have already left your credit card number as a guarantee when booking online, when registering for online check-in you will be asked to enter your card number, expiry date and cryptogram to pay for your booking this time.
  3. You confirm the transaction with 3D Secure (secure payment). The debit will only take place when the check-in has actually been generated, i.e. on the day of your arrival between 2pm and 6pm.
  4. You will receive an email (and SMS if you requested it) between 2pm and 6pm with the number of your room and the access code. If you have not received an access code by 6pm, then you can check into your room at the hotel reception or at the room vending machine. 
  5. Check into your room comfortably until 6 pm with the received room code. 

For more information about the online check-in, please see our FAQs.

To note:

Every guest can use this service within Germany, provided that a direct booking is made via the B&B HOTELS website.

Important note

If you wish to cancel before 7pm, then the usual conditions apply (except for a booking that is non-cancellable, non-refundable). Cancellation after 7pm is not possible for the first night.  The rest of the stay remains cancelable and refundable, depending on the customer's booking conditions.

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