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  • Dortmund
  • 22 Apr. 202423 Apr. 2024
    22 Apr.23 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Dortmund, 2 hotels

Dortmund – the city of contrasts

Our affordable B&B Hotels invite you to get to know this attractive city in the Ruhr district a little better. Begin your tour of Dortmund with superb views over Westfalen Park from the Florian tower. Don’t miss the Borsigplatz – Dortmund’s most famous square which creates an impression with its unique flair. The Hohensyburg hillfort is also well worth a visit. Experience this city’s charm and be enchanted by Dortmund!

B&B Hotel in Dortmund – Experience the Ruhrpott

Anyone who travelled to Dortmund in the past did so for several reasons. On the one hand, the city was known as an industrial city. In the west of the Ruhr area (North Rhine-Westphalia), business and business travelers met in one of the most populous cities to pursue their business and company foundations.

But in recent years, the city, as well as the entire Ruhr area, has experienced a structural change and today many of the old industrial buildings are open for events and cabaret. The city is alive, booming and increasingly taking on a youthful appearance – last but not least, as everyone will quickly realize, the world-famous football club Borussia Dortmund, calls here home.

Our B&B Hotel Dortmund-Cityoffers a centrally located starting point to cross the city without worries due to its convenient location . From here you have connections to the famous Westfalenhalle and have only a few minutes walk towards the city center, which is very close. Room facilities include free high-speed Wi-Fi and Sky TV including air conditioning.

The city allows easy connections by train and bus and generally offers a good cheap public transport route to all parts of the city.

Overnight stay in the metropolis - City trip to Dortmund

It's hard to believe, but Dortmund receives about 1 million guests a year. This is probably due to the sports activities that take place weekly in the city. Here is also the oldest running club in Germany, which has been inviting people all over the world to run against each other for 50 years.

The city offers a whole range of leisure activities, including ice skating, skating or climbing parks. If you want it a little more comfortable, you have the opportunity to float along one of the lakes by pedal boat.

Every month there are different events such as music, theatre, acting and cabaret. Dortmund can also be used to find a typical beer of the Ruhrpott, because the city was once known as a cross-regional beer city. This can be seen at the well-known brewery museum, which describes the history of beer from Dortmund, but also the history of international beer development.

Excursion to Dortmund: From football and trendy districts

Of course, Dortmund comes to life on the weekends. Even from a distance, the Dortmunder “U” rises into the sky, as one of the strongest trademarks of the city; the letter towers over the houses and illuminates the night. The former warehouse high-rise is now the centre for creative minds and the arts. Here you will find great exhibitions on the subject of research and education as well as classical and modern art performances.

But not only because of its many districts such as the Kreuzviertel and the Brückenstraßenvierteil, which appeals above all to night owls, Dortmund is lively. BVB (Borussia Dortmund) is itself almost culture in the city. Dortmunders are passionate fans and every month thousands of sports fans flock to the city to celebrate the sporting highlight in the cauldron of the Dortmund Arena.

In the immediate vicinity of Signal-Iduna-Park, the stadium of BVB Dortmund, you have the opportunity to stay cheap while you are looking for a city or stadium visit. The B&B Hotel Dortmund-Messe is only about 6 minutes walk from the stadium and offers you, if you arrive by car, a free parking (subject to availability). Thanks to our modern room facilities and a bookable breakfast buffet, nothing stands in the way of your arrival. You get a free individual Wi-Fi access incl. Sky TV connection, as well as air conditioning, which are part of our standard equipment.

Delicious food in Dortmund: Get to know the Ruhr area from a different side

The Ruhr area, one would think, no longer offers much more culinary treats apart from currywurst and fries. But the city lives through its culinary awards.

In the city centre alone, there are a total of three different Michelin-starred restaurants: Iuma, Grammons and Der Schneider. But it doesn't always have to be a Michelin-starred kitchen to get your money's worth in the Ruhr area. The ambience in the city centre is typical of the Ruhr area, but the cuisine is international. A modern gastronomy scene has developed in the city in recent years; between burger shops and Asian dishes, there are also vegetarian and vegan delicatessens, restaurants and bistros.

With so many choices to offer, you don't have to be surprised about the many visitors to the city and if you want it roadworthy and still want a crazy kitchen, you can have your currywurst decorated with fries in Dortmund even with gold leaf – no fun! Let yourself be surprised by Dortmund, the city has some surprises in store.

Sights in Dortmund