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  • Bielefeld
  • 19 Apr. 202420 Apr. 2024
    19 Apr.20 Apr.
  • 1 room, 1 adult
  • 1 room, 1 guest

Bielefeld, 2 hotels

Our hotels in Bielefeld - affordable accommodation for various occasions

Stay at our affordable B&B HOTEL Bielefeld and discover the city beside the Teutoburger forest. One of the most beautiful hiking trails in Germany, the Hermannsweg, passes right through the city centre. This former mercantile town has much in the way of historical attractions to offer: for example, the Grest'schen Hof, the old Town Hall and the old market. For adventurers, the climbing park at Johannisberg is a thrilling experience. Those in search of relaxation will enjoy the Japanese Gardens. There are also numerous museums and shopping opportunities. In the following sections, we will go into more detail about our B&B HOTEL Bielefeld City hotels in Bielefeld and present you with countless opportunities for leisure activities.

Central location in the city – the B&B HOTEL Bielefeld City

Are you still looking for a nice pension in Bielefeld? Our accommodation is located directly on Europaplatz, which in turn is only a few meters away from the main train station. This means you can easily travel to and from Bielefeld by train. The central location allows you to discover the beautiful city center of Bielefeld in a relaxed manner. 104 inexpensive, modern single, double and family rooms await you at the B&B HOTEL Bielefeld City. The air conditioning ensures pleasant temperatures at the height of summer. WLAN and Sky TV are standard equipment and allow you to have fun in a cozy atmosphere (even in rainy weather). There is limited parking at the hotel itself. However, there are various multi-storey car parks in the vicinity, such as directly at the main train station. Discover our other hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia

Ideal for hikers - the B&B Bielefeld-Ost

Are you looking for cheap accommodation in Bielefeld that is central and yet ideal for hikers? Then the B&B HOTEL Bielefeld-Ost is the ideal choice for your overnight stay in Bielefeld. In about 20 minutes you can be in the city center by public transport and you can start on Hermannsweg just as quickly.
In the following sections, discover the city center of Bielefeld, the shopping opportunities and our hiking tips. Then you decide in which of the two pensions you would like to stay in Bielefeld.

Sights in downtown Bielefeld

Bielefeld has a lot to offer. The historic old town is the starting point of our tours and ideally you start from the main train station, past Jahnplatz to the Alter Markt. Here, right in the center of the city, life plays out. Restaurants, museums and various shopping opportunities attract numerous visitors to the old town every year. In our guide we go into more detail about the sights in Bielefeld . As a foretaste, we will take you from the Alter Markt along the Niederwall towards Sparrenburg.

The Sparrenburg

Bielefeld's landmark is a medieval fortress that can be visited practically around the clock for free. Climbing the castle tower is particularly recommended, because from up here you have a fantastic panoramic view of the city itself and the Teutoburg Forest. Casemates are waiting to be discovered beneath the complex. We advise you to reserve tickets online in advance so that you can start climbing the tower or descending underground directly on site. In the immediate vicinity of the Sparrenburg you will find three first-class museums, which we will briefly outline in the next section.

Bielefeld Museum

Bielefeld's museum landscape is as diverse as the city itself. A few meters from the Sparrenburg, for example, is the Kunsthalle and the Naturmuseum. In the Kunsthalle, works by well-known artists can be admired in the permanent exhibition, and up-and-coming artists are portrayed in regular special exhibitions.
In addition to thousands of exciting exhibits from the region, the Bielefeld Natural History Museum also offers interactive events. They are particularly suitable for families with children - because here scientific topics are conveyed in a playful way.
Not far from the Kunsthalle there is another special feature: the Dr. Oetker world. The world-renowned food manufacturer has created an interactive world of discovery to explore. If you would like more information about the various museums in Bielefeld, we recommend this article, which we have written specifically for this purpose.

Alter Markt – vibrant old town centre

The Alter Markt in Bielefeld is the central meeting place in the city centre. The square, lined with picturesque facades, is the ideal starting point for exploring the city. In addition to numerous restaurants that nestle around the square, open-air events also take place here in summer. We have put together many more tips about the Alten Markt for you.

Tips for shopping

In our Bielefeld Shopping Guide we tell you the best addresses to head to if you are looking for something special. From the weekly flea market, to the Loom, to other various outlets. The business world of the city will certainly not disappoint. Discover them now!

Hiking in the Teutoburg Forest

Real hiking fan or relaxed walker? Then off to the Teutoburg Forest. Here you can go on long tours or take a family trip to various sights in the area. On our Teutoburg Forest hiking page we present numerous tours, walks and opportunities to discover the magnificent landscape.
We can particularly recommend the Hermannsweg, which runs directly past the Sparrenburg. If you hike this towards Oerlinghausen, you walk along the Bielefeld Promenade in forest sections to the town of Oerlinghausen. The route can be completed in about 3 hours and is also suitable for children as the gradients are relatively moderate. You can take the bus back in a relaxed manner or you can hike further.
Convinced? Or do you need another overview? We have them in our article What can you do in Bielefeld?. And if you are still looking for cheap accommodation in Bielefeld, we recommend two guesthouses in Bielefeld. First the B&B HOTEL Bielefeld City. This is conveniently and centrally located in the city center. This means that you can reach all sights on foot and at the same time have the Hermannsweg practically on your doorstep.
Another option for overnight stays is the B&B HOTEL Bielefeld-Ost, which is ideal for exploring the nearby region. Above all, you have a wonderful entry point to the hiking trails of the Teutoburg Forest.
In summary, we can recommend a visit to Bielefeld due to the countless opportunities for leisure activities, the architecturally beautiful old town, and the ideal transport connections. We look forward to your visit.

Sights in Bielefeld